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Twitter Media Studio | 6 Steps to Improve your Twitter Video Marketing

This post shares a seven-step process you can use to improve the performance of the videos you publish on Twitter using Twitter Media Studio.

Twitter Media Studio

What Is Twitter Media Studio?

Twitter Media Studio helps you improve tweet videos with catchy titles, captions, thumbnail images, text, and call-to-action buttons linked to a landing page or site. Making video sharing much better with your Twitter followers.

Twitter Media Studio is designed for marketers who advertise on the Twitter platform, because of that, your access to Twitter media studio is only permissible to members of the Amplify Publisher Program. Only members can receive an invitation to Media Studio.

Although the focus here is on video, Media Studio can help you manage other media, too.

In fact, it helps you manage all of your previously uploaded content, including videos, images, and GIFs that you uploaded via Twitter’s old video uploader (now replaced with Media Studio) or tweeted directly from an account associated with Media Studio.

For instance, you can update things like metadata (titles, descriptions) on the content you did tweet, or create new tweets that include contents in your Twitter library.

Benefits of using Twitter Media studio

  • Twitter Media Studio has features that help you manage media across multiple accounts and users. (better of with a team)
  • Easily switch among multiple accounts without logging in and out.

How to Login into multiple accounts

  1. Select the account you want to use from a menu within Media Studio.
  2. Key in your password
  3. Login

Note that account administrator can grant users full or limited access to the accounts managed.

Features of Twitter Media Studio

Media studio has eight amazing features that can enhance the quality of your videos and as well as aid sharing and specific targeting.

Here is the list:

  1. Customize thumbnail
  2. Title
  3. Description
  4. Caption
  5. Call-to-Action
  6. Geotargeting
  7. Instant sharing and scheduling

7 Steps to Improve your Twitter Video Marketing Using Media Studio

With the above-listed features of media studio. Let’s see how we can use them to improve video performance and make your tweet reach more people as well as spark more engagement.

Here is a six-step guide to improving your video performance. Both previously tweeted videos and new ones.

Step 1: Upload Video to Twitter Media Studio

You can upload a new video by visiting the main Media Studio library. All your previously uploaded media content will be displayed plus an option for new video upload.

Video Specification

  • Video format: MOV and MP4
  • File size: maximum of 1GB
  • Landscape resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Square resolution: 720 x 720
  • Video Length: 140 seconds

How to upload a new video

  1. Click the Upload option in the upper right
  2. Select the videos you want to upload from your computer hard drive. (you can upload multiple videos at once)
  3. Hit upload and wait till it finishes.

Pro tips: If you see a message that says your upload failed. Don’t panic just check if your video file is 1GB or less. If an error message says your video is too long, then shorten it to 140 seconds or less. However, some users do have permission to post longer videos.

Step 2: Use catchy Video Thumbnail and Title

Done uploading your video is time to edit.

Click on the uploaded video to begin editing.

This is where you design your video outlook in your tweet. Setting the thumbnail enables you to choose an attention-grabbing image. That your followers won’t ignore as they scroll down their feed.

How to choose a Thumbnail

  1. Click the Change Thumbnail option
  2. Select a frame from the video as your thumbnail or upload an image saved to your computer.
  3. For new upload, make sure the image aspect ratio matches your video’s aspect ratio. For instance, a square video needs a square image, and a landscape video with a 16:9 aspect ratio needs an image that’s 16:9, too. Take note.

How to create an appealing Thumbnail

  • To make your image pop, use contrasting colors and layer crisp images over a blurred background.
  • Adding a small amount of text (this helps to communicate the value the video offers the viewers; just make sure the text doesn’t take much space)

Let’s move on to creating a perfect video title

A catchy and informative video title can also grab the attention of your viewers.

Tips: first, keep titles concise.

Secondly, clearly, communicate the value of watching the video. Similarly, the description should focus on how the video helps viewers. Don’t forget to test different titles and descriptions to see what works.

How to Add Title and Description

  • Click the video in the media library and open the Settings tab
  • Key in your title and description in the text field.

Note that in the desktop Twitter feed, the title appears in the bold text under the video, and the description appears below the title. Titles and descriptions appear in the Twitter feed only when users access it through a desktop browser.

Step 3: Add Caption to your Video using SRT File

A good number of social media users don’t view videos with their sound on. Adding captions to your videos can keep viewers engaged in your content. With captions, viewers can still read what you’re saying.

Captions also make your videos accessible to users who have a hearing disability.

How to add a caption to Twitter videos using an SRT file

To caption your videos, you need to create an SRT file with the text that appears as your video plays. We recommend Rev.

REV is a great site for creating your SRT file and charges $1 per minute.

Pro tips: add an SRT file to a Twitter video after you upload the video to Twitter Media Studio. From the Media Detail menu, select Subtitles and then SRT File. From there, you select the Upload option to upload the SRT file saved to your computer.

Step 4: Use Call-to-Action Button to drive traffic to a landing page

The amazing thing about Twitter Media Studio is that you can add a clickable call-to-action button.

While people are watching the video, they can click the button and it takes them to whatever web page you choose.

How to Add a Call-to-Action Button to your video

  1. Click the video in your Media Studio library
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. In the Call to Action field, enter the URL where you want to send viewers.
  4. Twitter Media Studio then creates a button that displays your URL. When a viewer clicks the button, the web page will open in their browser.

Step 5: Geotargeting

Twitter Media Studio has features that help you target your ideal audience by location. With a geotargeting option.

The geotargeting options let you include or exclude viewers from specific countries.

Geotargeting Set up

  • Click your video and select Settings and then Content Restrictions.
  • Use the Include option to specify countries where viewers are allowed to see the video.
  • Also, use the Exclude option to specify countries where you don’t want viewers to see the video.

Step 6: Share or schedule your video

Twitter Media Studio saves all of the updates you make to your video automatically. This enables you to schedule or shares them after editing right from your media library.

How to Tweet Video from Twitter media studio library

  • Click the blue Tweet button in the lower-right corner of the video you want to tweet
  • Write the text of your tweet
  • Click the Tweet button

You can also schedule the tweet in Media Studio. Without the use of external tools. So if you’re scheduling tweets, the scheduling options in Media Studio works great

Tweet Scheduling using Twitter media Studio

  1. Click the Tweet button in the lower left of the video
  2. Write the text for your tweet
  3. Click the Schedule option
  4. Select a date and time to publish the tweet
  5. Click Tweet
  6. Your content gets published at the preselected time.


Twitter Media Studio is a perfect way to improve the quality of all Twitter content but specifically videos. It gives you immeasurable features like thumbnails customization, call-to-action-buttons, title, description, aid the improvement of your video performance.

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