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Interest Targeting Facebook | 2 Ways To Reach Facebook Audience Who Are Likely To Be Interested In Your Business

Interest Targeting Facebook – in other words, called interest-based targeting is a facebook targeting option that allows you to place your ads in front of Facebook users who share the same interest in a specific topic.

Interest Targeting Facebook

You can’t achieve much with facebook ads if you aren’t conversant with facebook targeting options. That’s why Facebook made it possible to know more about people you want your ads displayed to and to sieve people who won’t necessarily respond to your ads using Facebook insight.

So in this post, we are going to share with you two ways you can get your ads in front of your ideal customers and generate page followership.

Target a Specific Niche Interests

In growing Facebook following you don’t shoot randomly. In reaching your target market you have to identify a specific niche interest with users that are most likely to turn into customers. Identifying a niche interest keeps you in check of what content to create and how you will boost it to cut across your potential customers.

How To identify a Niche Interests

First, what you need is the data gotten from facebook audience insight, the audience insight can help you in identifying a specific niche interest relevant to your business.


You can create a mind map that generates niche ideas, but only if you have an understanding of your target market using the Facebook audience insight.

Here is a step by step processes on how to identify a niche interest;

Step 1: Create a facebook core audience.

Step 2: go to facebook audience insight, tap open, select the audience you created at step 1 and click open.

Step 3: Check and analyze the page likes and purchase tabs, to see your core audience niche interest.

Step 4: On the page Likes tab identify up to five niche interests.

Step 5: At the purchase tab, you will see what the audience spend their money on, (drinks, food, clothing), chose up to five specific interests

Mind Map

Secondly, you can Identify niche interests using mind mapping;

To broaden your niche interests and connect with more people in a specific niche interest within your target market. You might need to create a mind map of every relevant niche interests related to your target market.


Reaching your target market through niche interests makes it easy and cost-effective to build an audience of people who are likely interested in your business (ideal customers). It saves you the frustration and non-productive moves. thereby making your effort more result yielding.

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