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Branding Strategy: Brand humanization in a Nutshell – What is The Branding Strategy

Branding Strategy; what is the branding strategy? – I know you’ve heard about brand humanization a lot of times from several social & branding gurus.

The word brand humanization has been abused by many. Especially bloggers that publish blog posts in want of traffic to their website. Because of the high search volume of the keyword branding strategy.

Branding Strategy

However, the growing need for businesses, individuals, and most especially startups to understand the concept “Brand Humanization through an effective branding strategy is in demand.

 What is brand Humanization?

To fully grasp what brand humanization is all about. Think of the most memorable experiences you ever had. What made the experience memorable? Did you felt good, excited, and motivated to act. does it made you think differently, learned something that seemed complicated or complex. Roll your mind on those past experiences and the impact it left on you.

All those experiences that inspired one action or the other, were possible because of a good branding humanization or strategy.

For every logo, design, great customer service, good products, and excellent service. There is a personality behind it.

Come to think of it, when you hear the name Apple, who comes to your mind – Steve Jobs, what about Microsoft – Bill Gate, Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg, etc.

All these people are personalities that have humanized their brand and have become global products and services.

3 R’s of Brand Humanization

  1. Relatable
  2. Relevance
  3. Remarkable

Relatable – Brand humanization is ultimately about audience reach. Been relatable is creating a brand people would love to interact with.

Here is the gist, for your brand to be liked, loved, cherished, and become the most preferred among all. You have to relate to those you consider as an ideal customer.

Creating a relatable brand image is the key to reaching out to your brand followers. The way people connect to people in person is the same way they connect with brands.

Brand humanization requires effort, listening, and projecting a clear view of your personality to your audience through your brand.

Been Relatable can be expressed in several ways:

  • Brand Offer and Clarity – you need to make your brand identified, by being clear about what it offers. Create an identity your customer can connect with. Either professional, creative, innovative, etc.
  • Appearance and Looks – create style and colors that your ideal audience can relate with. Make sure there are in uniformity. An immediate spot out of your brand is based on your brand’s consistent appearance.
  • Customer-centric – you must find your customer’s interest, what interests them outside your brand or niche, and use it to leverage your connections.

Remarkable – been remarkable has nothing to do with being crazy in the bid of people’s attention. Having something that places a mark of uniqueness is all you need. Just like we said before – right behind every brand is a personality. All you need to be remarkable is to bring out what makes you unique from others. Value your brand offers that your competitors don’t.

In sum, discover your selling point.

Relevance – here you got to be able to proffer a solution that solves your audience’s needs. To do that you must have depth knowledge of who your audiences are. The primary aim of branding is creating solutions that not only appeal to your target audience but also satisfactory to their need after use.

What Customers’ Data do you need to Create a Relevant Brand?

Let’s say you’ve identified the customer’s problems related to your product and service and how you can solve them. The next thing is to create your audience profile.

  • Where will I find them (social media platforms)
  • Demographics (gender, age, location, marital status, job title, educational level, behaviors, etc.)