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Facebook Tag | How to Create Facebook Tag

Let your friends know when you make a post on Facebook by using Facebook tag. To draw the attention of your friends to your post you need to tag your friends to it. Facebook tag enables the people tagged to share, like and comment on your post. You can also draw the attention of the person by including the person’s name as a link. To create Facebook tag, follow the steps below;

Facebook Tag

How to Create Facebook Tag

  • Scroll to any photo you wish to tag on Facebook, search for the “Tag Photo” tab located at the bottom.
  • Click on the photo (such as a friend’s face) to begin the tagging procedure
  • As the drop-down box comes up, with your friend’s list, choose the friend, or key in the names of the friends you wish to tag to the photo to locate them faster
  • Click on the “Done Tagging” link when your done tagging all your friends in the photo. You can also add an option location, or edit whenever you desire.

Benefits of Facebook Tag

  • Once you tag someone to a post, a link is created to their profile, also the post tagged, may be added to that person’s timeline.
  • Any friend you tag in your status update, gets seen by anyone who sees that update, click on their name, or go to their profile.
  • Tagging someone on Facebook, gets them notified on Facebook, on the post they are tagged in.
  • If you or your friend tags someone in a post, the post may be visible to the audience chosen also with friends of the tagged person.
  • Facebook Tags, can be added to anything you post, like photos and updates, as well as tagging other people’s photos and posts to enable them add details, by liking, commenting as well as sharing the post.

Facebook Tag on Regular Post

  • Facebook Tag on a regular Facebook is easy. Just key in an “@” symbol and thereafter, start typing the users name that you wish to tag, directly beside the symbol, without leaving a space.
  • As you type “@name” in a regular post, it will prompt a drop down box, which will display a list of suggested people to tag. You can also do this in the comments sections of posts.
  • Once you carry out the above mentioned steps, you can successfully tag your friends to your Facebook posts, photos and videos.

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