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Facebook Power Editor |Take Advantage of Advance Features with Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor gives you access to more advanced features that aren’t accessible in Ads Manager. These features arm you with precise control over Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook Power Editor is commonly used by large organizations or companies that want to get their message to the right audience.

Facebook Power Editor

Power Editor is a powerful tool for creating, editing and managing Facebook Ad simultaneously. It functions as a download and upload plugin extensions used only on Google Chrome. It’s basically designed to download ads from Ads manager and after the creations of a campaign, Ad set and Ad you then upload back your changes and your Ad start running. After which you can make every other change with the features available in Ads manager but whenever you want to make use of features found only in power editor you will have to download to power editor and then use the feature and then upload back your changes.

Benefits of Using Facebook Power Editor

  1. Early Access to New Features – Big companies use Facebook power editor because of the competitive edge it gives. In the sense that whenever Facebook decides to roll out a new Ad feature, it’s first added to power editor before it appears in Ads manager. So advertisers that use power editor now stand the chance to utilize the feature before every other Ads manager users do.
  2. Run Ads on Schedule – Power editor makes it possible for an advertiser who is aware of the specific time intervals their customers show up online to target them based on their local time.
  3. Control ad placement – With power editor you are in full control of where and mobile devices your ad shows up. (All mobile devices, Android, iOS and feature phones). Other placement options are news desktop only, news feed mobile only, news feed desktop and mobile etc.
  4. Advanced optimization – In power editor you optimize for clicks and post engagement just as in Ads manager but a better optimization feature like daily unique reach can be employed to make sure your ad reaches each targeted individual once per day.
  5. Bulk Uploading – This feature in power editor comes in handy for people that run several ads. Bulk upload helps you download an Excel spreadsheet of your ad and upload it back after editing it.
  6. Create Unpublished Post – Unpublished post feature allows the use of more text characters with a call to action button and control of how the link looks like.

Steps to Install Power Editor

Step 1: Install Google chrome if not installed on your system yet.

Step 2: login to Ads Manager and click power editor in the left sidebar or visit this link.

Step 3: A window will pop up warning you about harmful extensions click the continue button.

Step 4: Tap add power editor and your power editor will be enabled.

Step 5: Click on the power editor icon to download your ads from Ads manager.

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