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Branding In Marketing: How To Get People Talking Positively About Your Brand On Social Media

Branding in marketing is a way of exposing your company’s identity, who they are, what they do and the kind of product and quality service they provide. Brand marketing influences the decisions of different customers, clients, and prospects as to what their perception of what your brand is.

Branding In MarketingBranding In Marketing

I’ll share with you some strategy to get people talking positively about your brand.


Branding in marketing on social media is all about being creative. You can get new customers and expand your business more by using your existing customers to bring in new businesses via recommendation without costing you money.

When family and friends recommend and speak positively about a brand to you. Research shows that the person is more likely to try it out. To increase your recommendations, you need to try out different means to satisfy your existing customers. Such as providing very friendly customer service and responding to customers’ inquiries on time.


Most people would only speak well about your company if they’re getting something out of it. A referral program is a good way of rewarding your customers and at the same time expanding your business. Hence paving the way for more customers to storm in. An example of this is the Uber reward system. Whereby you share your referral link to other customers to use their service and after which both parties are rewarded with some amount of money and discounted free rides.


By creating an online forum, you pave a way for your customers to have an engagement with you and talk about your product and services. You can likewise ask them to give your services a review and ask questions that would generate a positive conversation.

You can also ensure that this forum/group consists of your regular customers or your best customers (those that buys regularly from you) as they can also act as your brand influencer and can have a major role to play when discussing your product/services to people.


When an average person talks positively about your product and services. It’s actually different from when an influencer or a star actually gets to talk about it. This ideology has to do with “word of mouth marketing” and if an influencer talks positive about your products and services. It’s most likely the followers do the same and would also want to try it out.

Let’s say you sell shoes, you can get a popular music artist to talk about it. These set of people are known as influencers and if you can make a connection with them to talk about your product. People would give a more listening ear and soon enough, they will start talking positively about the product. They might as well be motivated to try them out. This is a big win for you as you also make more sales by doing so.

If you implement any of the aforementioned guides above. You are sure to get a lot of people talking about your brand in a positive way. Though it might seem hard to start at first as you go down the lane, it gets easier and more interesting from the positive feedback you’ll get.