Save your site visitors the stress of filling flips of form in the name of registration and member login, rather integrate the Facebook Login method on your site and mine specific user data. In this post, we going to show you how you can create a facebook app login on your website that will aid easy sign-up and login process on your website. But then let’s list some benefits of integrating Facebook login into your website.

Facebook Login

Benefits of using Facebook Login on Your Website

  • Speeds up the visitor’s registration process.
  • It eliminates password mismatch issues.
  • Saves you from the time to reset forgotten password problems.
  • It prevents visitors from keying in fake or wrong information.
  • Helps you understand your visitors and find unique ways to connect with them.
  • It’s a more reliable way of collecting site visitors data.

The most beneficial reason websites (marketers) or developers use facebook login is for visitor’s data mining.

In using facebook login on your website there is over 35 permission that grants you access to visitors information, depending on which visitors data you want access to.

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Most Mined Visitors Data Using Facebook Login

  • Visitors email address.
  • Facebook public profile ( name, gender, country, age, language)
  • Facebook Likes (Visitors interest)
  • Visitors Facebook friends (What kind of friends they hang out with) and lot more.

Facebook Login Integration

Let’s quickly jump into steps to integrate Facebook login into your website by creating a Facebook app;

  • The first thing you need to do is to create a developer account.
  • Sign in into your account and Tap on “Add a New App” at the right top side of the page.
  •  On the page pop up key in your app name and chose your best website description category.
  •  From the products set up select facebook login, this is after you are done creating your app.
  •  Tap on “Basic setting” on the left corner of your user dashboard.
  •  A link needs to be added to the privacy policy and terms and conditions of use on your site.
  •  Hit “Add platform” and select the website option and key in your site URL.
  • Publish your app.

The next step would be to send your app for review. Maybe you want to request permission to have access to other visitors data outside the basic ones from Facebook, the basic data such as public profile, Likes, age bracket, etc.

Facebook App Review

So to start up an app review that gives you permission to visitors information such as users Facebook Likes, name, gender, etc. here are some steps to take;

Step 1: Go to  “App Review” and strick the button “Start a Submission”

Step 2: Chose “Users Likes” and click next, but that would be if you want to explore user Likes. (To obtain Likes permission facebook will request you to show them your site registration process and as well tell them what you will be using the Likes for, to do that tap on the “Add Note” button).

For instance; your description might be that you need access to visitors interest to aid in understanding the reason for visiting your site so as to personalize their service.


  1. You will need to send them (Facebook) the URL of the site you are implementing the login process.
  2. If you can attach a video that explains the login process, how it functions at the front view of your site.
  3. You may as well add users perspective on the login permission on your website; how they see the permission on your website.

Step 3: Upload the data supplied in step 2 above and click the “Save” button.

Note; if you did want to ask permission for other visitors information such as work history or relationship status you will have to repeat the process.

Step 4: Click on the “Submit for Review” button. Your app will be reviewed and a notice will be sent to you in days sometimes it takes up to two weeks but you have to be patient.


We have shown you the benefits of using Facebook login on your website which its core is understanding your site visitors and what their interests are so as to bump high conversion rates and as well gain audience insight to drive traffic to your site.

However, we have been able to show you how to create a facebook login app, in our next post we will show you how to integrate the already created facebook login app into your website.