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Tracking Instagram Followers | 5 Great Instagram Analytics Tools

Data gotten from audience insights using analytics tools can help brands and businesses keep Tracking Instagram Followers. As well as improve conversion rates. The demand for personalized experience from customers comes with data-driven marketing.

Tracking Instagram Followers

Data-Driving Marketing

Data-driven marketing evolved back in the days of measuring audience bounce rates and cost-per-clicks. Today the game has changed. Much of what is in demand, is how marketers can tap into audience data to create more personalized campaigns that invoke audiences to act.

Tracking Instagram Followers: Statistics

A survey showed that 88% of marketers use data obtained by third parties to enhance their understanding of each customer. Marketers that exceeded their revenue goals were using personalization techniques 83% of the time.

Why that long stretch into the above statistics. The reason is simple; marketers are looking for ways to track the activities of their Instagram followers. Using analytics tools to measure your reach, engagement and posts impact. Funny enough, Instagram lacks built-in analytics. Unlike other social media channels like Facebook that has a built-in audience insights tools. That measure your campaign activities and gives room for better optimization.

Data plays a major role in Instagram campaigns. It demands that you make use of Instagram analytics tools to minimize the rate of try and error method. Go for new tools that arms you with details you need to make your marketing decision. Such details include; audience information, statistical reference, and data reports.

5 Instagram Analytics Tools to Narrow-down Marketing

If you have been an analytics tool savvy, you might’ve come across a good number of them. In this post, I will share 5 great analytics tools you can employ to measure your Instagram marketing activities.

#1: Sprout Social

Sprout social is a good and a bit popular platform for Instagram account management.


  • Competitors Comparison
  • Data reporting
  • Data analysis
  • Instagram Followers Tracking & Campaign improvement

#2: Keyhole

Keyhole tracks your account through keyword and hashtags analysis.


  • Data optimization
  • Competitors Comparison
  • Real-time insights

#3: Iconosquare

Though Iconosquare is not free. But it has a 14 days trial, which can help you know if it’s worth investing your money.

It majors in posts decision making. Improve interaction with customers. Iconosquare can feed you with insights on when to publish a post and what kind of post that resonates with your audience based on your audience likes.

  • Content planner.
  • Performance tracking (Demographics info, engagement rates, and posts performance).

#4: Social insiders

Socialinsider basically tracks the performance of your competitors and supplies data to see what your competitors are doing.


  • Data reporting (Engagement rates, hashtags and posts performance).
  • Instagram account history inference (gain insight into some historical data of any Instagram account).
  • Competitors analysis.

#5: Socialbakers

Socialbakers helps run your Instagram account audit. Though with limited features in the free version.


  • Data analysis.
  • Reporting.
  • Campaign measurement.
  • Followers analysis.
  • Engagement analysis.

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