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Facebook Singles Search Feature – Search Singles in Your Area – Search Singles On Facebook – How to Search for Singles Near You

Love is super magnetic and energizing, the one thing you can try out with Facebook account on the Facebook platform is to find singles who are interested in online dating and hook up with them, but more so, is that you can use Facebook singles search to identify singles near you and meet them in person. If you want to go further, you can also use Facebook to search for Single’s program, event, parties, get-together, clubs, and meeting happening in your area and attend.

Facebook Singles Search

So, this post gives you two deliverables; to help you find singles in your area or near you, if you are interested in relationships or dating, secondly, to help you find singles meeting, event, programmes, parties, clubs and latest happening around you to attend in the event you visited a new location, city, country or just any place you are unfamiliar with. That’s you need to know how;

Local Singles on Facebook – Do Facebook Singles Search – Use Facebook Search for Singles Features – Search Singles on Facebook

First, you should know that Facebook is housing over 2 billion users and majority of this users are young people between the age 16 to 35. That tells you that Facebook is the best place to find singles who aren’t into any relationships, cos they are at least a billion of them.

Local Singles on Facebook

Let’s see it from another perspective, for instance you have a program you are planning to host in your locality and your target groups are singles and you would want to get them into the program, would Facebook be the first option or social cat room to look up to? Yes, you can find a lot of them especially people leaving in your area, but you need to know how to create something that will engage them and get them interested in what program, event, or activity you want to host.

Use Facebook Search for Singles Features

First, is there a Facebook singles search feature, like something or a Feature created by Facebook that will help you locate singles easily on the platform? yes, there is but then using that is a very tedious work. Here what that feature is, every Facebook account has a Facebook profile and each profile is given the option to fill in their relationship status either;

  1. Single
  2. Married
  3. Divorced
  4. In a Relationship
  5. Engaged
  6. Interested for a or open for a relationship
  7. In a civic Union
  8. In a domestic partnership
  9. In an open relationship
  10. It’s complicated
  11. Separated
  12. Widowed
  13. Others

But one bad thing about this Facebook singles search feature is that its visibility is controlled by the account owner, meaning that the account owner might chose to show it his/her relationship status to only friends, public or no one.

If the first and last is the case then using the Facebook singles search feature is no option. But if the relationship status is set to public visibility, then you have a narrow chance, narrow in that, you will have t start looking up individual account one after another, and who the heck wants such tedious work. If that’s the case what is the easy way to find singles on Facebook?

How to Find a Facebook Single – Find a Single near Me – Facebook Singles Search made simple

Without much spending of you time, I will quickly rush into few tips on how you can easy identify or find singles on the Facebook platform with ease.

  1. Most singles on Facebook are on Facebook Groups, pages and communities; so search them in there.
  2. The best singles group, pages and communities to find singles who are interested in a relationship is in dating and relationship Facebook pages and group
  3. When you search singles in groups, pages and community, confirm their relationship status by x-raying they profile and what they share on their timeline, also check age, though some people don’t put up their real age.
  4. After you search, don’t just reach out to anyone whose profile relationship status stated “Single” look for opposite sex whose profile relationship state “Open for a Relationship” I’m interested for a Relationship” that will save you hours of stress trying to hook up with people who are single but not interested to get into any relationship or date nor interested in an online dating.
  5. If you have concluded your search, you can under study the person to know how best to approach the best by studying his/her profile, the things he/she post on his/her timeline and the quality of friends the person has.


Facebook can help you connect to just any single groups and community if you know how to use the Facebook search feature to identify the set of individuals you are looking forward to meet on the Facebook platform. just don’t forget the Facebook Singles search can set you for the best dating experience and can as well set you for awkward experiences, if you are lucky enough, you will meet a good partner if not keep trying.

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