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How to Target Audience on Facebook Ads | 4 Targeting Strategies Every Marketer Should Know

How To Target Audience On Facebook Ads – Reaching out to an audience who are probably interested in your business tailors down to utilizing Facebook audience insights to gain knowledge of who your potential customers really are and what interests them.

How to Target Audience on Facebook Ads

The intent of this post ( How to Target Audience on Facebook Ads ) is to help you with four Facebook audience targeting best practices that will help create effective Facebook ads campaign, to do that, there is how to target audience on Facebook Ads.

How to Target Audience on Facebook Ads

Targeting the right audience is crucial when it comes to creating Facebook ads that drive high engagement and conversion.

  • Try Experimenting an Ad Element at a Time

I would suggest you don’t fall into the temptation of creating several ads and running a split test. Try picking from your best performing ad and test one element at a go.

For instance, you can test the headline at a time and images, text, colors of key elements. Let’s say you want to testify the headline of your best performing ads, all you need to do is to create copies of it and then change the headline of each copy to see which copy gets the best response.

When you know the copy that gets the best response you can create copies of it and test or experiment other elements such as audience targeting (men Vs women advertising), element position (sign up form on the left, right, top or downside of the page) even the colors of key elements.


You can as well run a test combination of different split tests. You can take the headlines that get the best response and run it with other image or description and vice-versa.

  • Test Different Ad Placement

Split test different ad placement instead of choosing all news feed ads. Let’s say you have a right-column news feed ad, mobile and desktop ad it’s possible to track its performance by running a placement report.


To have control over your budget it could be better off to have three campaigns or ad set, probably a news feed desktop ad, news feeds mobile ad and a news feed right-column ad.

  • Make Sure your Facebook Post Content is the same with your Landing Page Content

The mistakes companies make is posting a different thing all to what they landing page is saying, the problems with this is that your ad score will lose relevance and you will pay more per click and a decreased conversion rate.

One thing you should know is that every customer wants to get exactly what they were promised on the post when they click on your ad, not a different thing. As an advertiser or marketer trust is very important and fundamental in driving sales of product and services online, because no customer would want to risk their payment information to a company they don’t perceive to be trustworthy.

So let your post stay true to what your ad offers and you will have a high relevance ad score, low cost per click, increase your conversion rate and finally, your customers will see to be credible and at the end inspire trust that leads to buying from your company or subscribing to your company’s service.

Making sure your ad depict your landing page also lowers shopping cart drop-off rate and increase purchase rate.

  • Employ Geographic Targeting

When your ad set is set to geographic targeting you are now in control of your cost per clicks, your cost per clicks varies with geographic area. You stand the chance to adjust your bidding if you run a separate Ad by geographic area.

Make more from your budget by saving money from bidding when you bid high on where or geographic locations where your most ideal customers are and remove or occasionally bid on geographic areas where it’s not necessary.

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