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Email Automation Marketing | A Complete Marketers Guide

Email Automation marketing is one of the most vital and highest online marketing channels that every successful online marketer use.

What is Email Automation Marketing?

Email automation marketing can simply be described as the process of sending out targeted emails Automatically to your prospective clients/customers. Based on the schedule it was programmed to run. You can’t build a strong personalized connection with past, current and future clients/prospects. If you don’t have an automated email system.

Why Email?

Despite email being around for so long(40 years). It is still one of the best marketing channels to employ use. One of the best things about email automation – Is that you can use it to determine what works best for your business. And determine the effectiveness of your campaign based on the demographic data derived from it.

Types of Automated Email

Automated email can be classified into two (2) categories;

  1. Trigger emails
  2. Drip feed emails

Trigger Emails

Also known as behavioral email marketing is the most common form of an automated email. And just as the name sounds – It is triggered based on your client’s actions. This type of email generally includes welcome emails, events emails (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). Abandoned cart emails, rewards emails, bonus email.

Drip-Feed Emails

Drip feed emails send a pre-written set of messages to prospects/clients. Based on the timeframe specified. Drip feed is mostly used to deliver messages to your subscribers in a sequential format.

Email Marketing Automation Tool

If you are interested in Automation email marketing, then you need to choose the right email marketing automation platform/tool. There are lots of different email automation software/tools. Each having its unique features and functionality. But they all help to achieve the goal of automated email marketing. Some examples of Email Automation Services are;

  • Intercom
  • Hubspot workflows
  • io
  • Drip

3 Best Email Marketing Automation Strategy to Adopt

In this section of the post, I am going to show you how to create automated email campaigns.

To begin using the automated email marketing services. There are a few basics, you need to know other than just knowing the right email to send. We’ve laid down a few steps to guide you in making your automated email campaigns.

  1. Categorize your Subscribers

It is crucial you group your subscribers into various segments rather than sending every client/prospect on your list with the same message that might not be useful to them. Most automated email platforms provide you with the segmentation option that allows you to divide and group your subscribers into various categories such as industry, location, items purchased or not, type of items, age, etc.

  1. Personalize your Emails

Sending out different emails to your subscribers without any real personalization doesn’t speak well of you. And you might end up being in your subscriber’s spam folder. Personalize the emails you send to them with simple things like their names; this goes a long way in strengthening the bond they have for your Brand.

  1. Make Analysis

You need to analyze your email data using the automated email platforms. To analyze and look for KPI’s(Key Performance Indicator) to let you know if the email was successful or not. And what to do about it next time. Some KPI’s you could use are;

  1. Delivery Rate: you can try to determine the percentage of your emails that got to your client/prospect.
  2. View Rate: check out the number of subscribers that received the mail successfully to know the percentage that views. Major email software has a preview pane that allows users to delete unwanted emails.
  3. Open Rate: out of the numbers that view, how many percents click on open or open it?