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Email Automation | 7 Ways to Reach more Business Prospects with Automated Email Strategy (more sales)

A good email automation marketing strategy is vital for marketers who really want to reach more business clients or ideal customers. If your business needs to grow, you need to take advantage of email marketing.

Email Automation


Email automation helps businesses and brands send emails to prospects’ email inboxes automatically. It can be scheduled and sent to a large number of people at any time.

Email Automation: 7 Ways to Reach More Business Prospects with an Automated Email Strategy (More Sales)

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you seven examples of email automation marketing strategies you can use to start getting the best out of your clients. And show you how to set up trigger and drip-feed emails.

But before we go into that, let’s take a look at a few advantages of email automation.

Advantages of Email Automation

  1. It helps you grow your subscribers list.
  2. Email automation helps to keep your brand relevant and consistent.
  3. Automated personalized email can also help increase your sales rate.
  4. The automation email software helps you categorize your customers and clients into segments.
  5. It provides demographic data to help you plan your marketing strategy and also understand your customers’ purchasing behavior.

Types of Automation Email

You can send different types of emails to your clients or customers, depending on the action you want them to take. As well as on the action they have already taken.

  1. Welcome Email

You should set up a series of welcome emails so that when someone new signs up for your emails or when a contact in your marketing database turns into a potential buying customer, It gets triggered by this action and sends them a welcome email. This is a good way to create a very good first impression on the customer’s heart and build a strong relationship with them.

  1. Unprocessed Cart Email

Abandoned cart emails serve as a friendly reminder to the customer that they have a pending product in their cart. When someone adds an item to their shopping cart online but abandons it without completing the purchase, you can trigger an email that reminds them of their forgotten item and motivates them to complete the transaction. By offering a discount or offering them a similar product of the same price range to purchase.

  1. Purchase Awaken Email

Say you have customers in your database who purchase a particular item or brand over a period of time or cycle. You can set up an email trigger that enrolls them in a channel whenever they make a purchase and reminds them when it’s getting close to the time of their usual purchase. For example, you sell health products, and a customer purchases a 3-month prescription dose of that product. You add the customer to a database that is triggered to send them an email reminder every month or two weeks to remind them that they are about to run out.

  1. Offer/Discount Email

Discount email is a great way of getting your customers, who might still be inconclusive about certain products they wish to buy, to quickly see this as an ample opportunity to purchase the product. However, don’t send out this mail too often so that it doesn’t harm your profit margin.

  1. Order Confirmation Email

This email can also be called a “digital receipt email,” and it helps give the customer peace of mind. Knowing that what they are purchasing has gotten to the store, and they have a digital receipt as evidence should any issue arise.

  1. Activity/Events Email

If you’re hosting a webinar, a real-life event, you can use the automation email to communicate the details of the event to them and probably set a sequential email for those who would show interest so they can register and have their ticket sent to them via email and likewise send an update to them after the event has been concluded.

  1. Celebration/Occasional Email

On a client, customer, or subscriber birthday or anniversary, set up a workflow that sends automated birthday or anniversary emails to them wishing them good tidings. Birthday emails are very effective, and they tell the customer that you have their best interests at heart. You can equally send them promo codes with their birth date and name as a way of celebrating with them.

We will quickly highlight how you can set up triggers and drip-feed emails here. Follow the below steps:

There are two types of email automation:

Trigger emails and Drip-Feed email automation.

Trigger email: this email is sent out based on subscribers’ actions or inaction. While drip-feed emails are emails sent based on a scheduled time or period specified,

How to Set Up Trigger Emails

Create trigger emails through Features

  • Custom sign-up form
  • Editor
  • Contact integration
  • Social media tools
  • Statistical tracker (analytics)
  • Customer-friendly design

Follow the below steps to create a trigger email using Wix.

  • Visit
  • Click the get started for free button on the home page.
  • Sign up or sign in with your account details.
  • Follow them through to create your first trigger email.

How to Set Up a Drip-Feed Email

Here is how to create a drip-feed email campaign using SendGrid.

Features of SendGrid:

  • Segmentation function
  • Scheduling
  • Content Editor
  • Data import field

Follow the below steps to create a drip-feed email campaign:

  • First, create a segment of contacts by importing the data of your target audience through the custom field.
  • Create your content using the editor tool.
  • It’s time to schedule the emails according to the segmented contacts.
  • Once you are done scheduling, your campaign summary page will be displayed.