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Best Genuine Duolingo Arabic Review: Learn Arabic

Duolingo Arabic Review – maybe you have heard about Duolingo platform. The platform is where you can learn almost every language you can think of online. Learning any language from the platform is completely free. But then, how do I learn Arabic with Duolingo? The very truth is that anyone irrespective of your age and background even without any trace of Arabs can learn Arabic.

This post is a review of the Duolingo platform and how one can use it to learn Arabic. It’s possible, this review is not one of those come off stories online. It’s a personal experience of how I learned the Arabic language and can speak it fluently. However, it took me time, patience, consistency, and commitment to get where I am today. And if you must be fluent in Arabic such qualities are as well required from you.

Duolingo Arabic

Learn Arabic

When I was stated that it took me time, patience, consistency, and commitment to be fluent in Arabic today, which simply tells you that the Arabic language is no easy going. That is the more reason why Duolingo platform comes into play. Though a lot of people consider Arabic as complex and complicated I did consider it to be so before, not until I enrolled for the course on Duolingo platform.

Now let’s go a bit statistical, according to a study carried out by Duolingo says – that 34 hours course on Duolingo is equal to a semester course at the university level.  That is to tell you that Duolingo is the best platform for you. More especially, no doubt. There is another online language learning platform out there. However, with Duolingo platform learn any language at no cost, added to the fact that the platform exit as an App and can as well be accessed using the official URL at

Duolingo Arabic

Before you start your learning journey on the platform you will need to create an account with them. I will quickly show you how you can own the account on the platform. but then you need to start learning to be able to create an account with them.

  1. Visit the URL
  2. At the language section, down the page click on Arabic.
  3. Hit start learning.
  4. To create a profile so you can continue where you stop, click on the Create a Profile toggle.
  5. Fill in the required information and hit the “Create Account” button.
  6. After you have successfully created a profile you can always sign in with your profile details to continue your lecture anytime.

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