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Google Blogger – How to Setup a Google Blog – Blogger App Download – Blogger Login

Google Blogger Search | Google Blogger App | How to Apply for Google Blogger  AdSense

Do you know you can own a blog for free? have you ever dreamt of creating a blog and make money from it? Do you think blogging is your passion and would want to put up your opinion out there? Well, google blogger got you covered. In this post, you will learn just about how to create a free blog using Google blog.

Note that Google Blogger is called just “Blogger”.

Google Blogger

Blogger is a free platform that offers the “” extension. Meaning that you can create a blog with any name of your choice but with a added.

For instance, when you create a blog with the name on google-blogger, it appears as

Does Extension on Google Blogger matter?

Yes, it does matter, as that tells people that you are using google free publishing platforms which also limit your control over what changes you can affect on the site. However, we recommend blogger for beginners who can’t wait to share text, images, videos, and links on their blog.

With the release of the blogger app on mobile devices, access to blogger become much more easy and flexible, as you can create, manage, and publish content right from your mobile devices.

Can I earn Money with Blogs Hosted On Google Blogger?

My first blog was hosted on google through blogger, but with lots of limitations, though I never earned a dime from it as it didn’t take it seriously as of then. Never had the patience to wait for six months before getting approved for Google AdSense. However, one can earn with as one of the ways to monetize your content is through Google AdSense.

But you will need to write and publish value-packed content on your blog and make a little effort to drive traffic to your site. In six months, you can apply for AdSense and if approved you can be paid by google based on the number of clicks you get daily on the ads placed on your site by your visitors.

Google Blogger App – How to Download Blogger App

The Blogger app made publishing and editing of your published post a lot easier, in that, you can manage your blog from anywhere as well as check your traffic on the go. The app is available for download on both Android and iOS.

Before the app release, you will only have access to through a web browser, which mobile view in some cases is always difficult to navigate around.

On Android

  1. Go to google play store
  2. Use the search bar tool
  3. Find the blogger
  4. Tap on download
  5. Wait for the app download to finish

On iOS

  1. Visit Appstore
  2. Type in the search box “Blogger”
  3. Click on the download when the app appears on the search result
  4. Wait for the installation to finish
  5. Launch and login with your Google account

How to Access Blogger – Blogger Login

Before you can publish and manage a post, you will need to first login to access your Blogger account using your Google account used during blogger sign up.

  1. Visit
  2. Tap on sign
  3. Key in your Gmail
  4. Enter your password
  5. Click on sign in

How to Setup a Google Blog at -Google Blogger Create

It’s time to create your first ever blog and be seen globally. When you create a blog with a blogger, people around the globe will be able to read your blog post and comment.

  1. Visit the official blogger page or open the blogger app you downloaded before
  2. Click on login and enter your login credential to access your blog
  3. You will be taken to your dashboard
  4. Click on the “New Blog” button
  5. Name your blog title
  6. Chose a blog domain ( make sure it’s unique and simple) example “Janet”
  7. Select a template
  8. Chose a theme
  9. You can use the settings to design your blog the way you want and give it a unique touch.

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