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Google Admob – About Google Admob Ads | Google Admob Sign Up

The full meaning of Admob is “advertising on mobile”. Google Admob is an online marketing platform through which users can make their products and services known to people.

Google Admob

What is Admod?

Google Admob was established in 2006 for the sole aim of helping business owners advertise their products and services.

GoogleAdmob is among the largest means of advertising. The service can be used on iOS, Android, and web browsers.

This means that if you have iOS, Android of the computer system, you can access GoogleAdmob and use it for advertising your products and services.

Having a Google account is the key to using GoogleAdmob. Note that your google account you are also linked to your Adsense and Ads account.

Google Admod – Benefits of Advertising on Mobile

GoogleAdmob comes with a lot of amazing benefits, some of which are highlighted below;

  1. It has a variety of advertising templates from which you can select
  2. The advertising templates can be viewed and customized to soothe you.
  3. Your adverts are displays for everyone using google. This gives you more opportunities to earn more.
  4. It places your products and services in more than 200 market platforms, especially if these products and services are to be used worldwide. 

Why Google Admob Ads

A greater percentage of the world’s population uses smart, as such, have access to the internet where they surf for anything in the world.

Most of these enjoy sitting at the comfort of their homes to surf for the things they want on the internet. GoogleAdmob makes it easy for your products to sell fast by presenting it in search results when users search for related items.

Google Admod Sign Up – How to Create Admob Account for Mobile Advertising

To make your business sell faster, to make your products and services reach out to a wider audience, for the world to see your brand and patronize you, you should use GoogleAdmob.

Using GoogleAdmob is very simple. Just sign up for GoogleAdmob and you are on your way to being in the world market.

Admob Account Sign Up Procedures

  • Open your device browser
  • Type on the address bar of your device browser to launch the Google Admob homepage.
  • From the homepage that opens, click “sign up with your Google account”. Remember that for you to sign up, you must own a google account.
  • Edit your Adsense and Ads information.
  • Go through the terms and policies of Google Admob and accept it.
  • Click “create Admob account” to complete your Google Admob registration.
  • You can now enjoy Google Admob

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