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Create a Google Adwords Account – Google Adwords | How Does it Work | Account Sign Up

Google ads is an online marketing platform through which users can make their products and services known to people through advertisement. However, you will need to create a Google Adwords Account for ads placement.

Create a Google Adwords Account

With Google ad, a business owner can make a list of their products and services, and as well create and display video and written content of the products and services by paying Google to do the advertising for them.

A lot of people out there may be in need of your product or service but aren’t aware. Google ads make it easier for them to find the product or service and go ahead to buy from you.

This way, you have a greater number of people who know about your product and services.

Google Adwords | How Does it Work?

In Google ads, the marketer provides a keyword with which the results showing their product or service can be displayed on google.

When products or services related to the one a user advertised, the ad will show up. More customers are likely to be attracted if the ad appears on the Google search result page.

Google is paid each time somebody clicks on the ads created on Google ads.

Google Adwords is an online advertising platform for individuals, organizations, or companies to project their products and services to a larger audience.

Advertising products and services using Google Adwords makes it easier to reach out to people.

This is because a greater percentage of the world’s population uses smart, as such, have access to the internet where they surf for anything in the world.

For one to start using Google Adwords, he has to sign up and own an account in Google Adwords.

How to Create a Google Adwords Account and Start Advertising

Having a google email account makes it easier for a user to create and own a Google Adwords account. You cannot run adverts on Google Adwords if you do not own a Google Adwords account.

To sign up with Google Adwords, kindly follow the steps below;

  • Using your device browser, look up for their website by typing on the address bar
  • From the homepage that opens, click on “start now”
  • An account registration page will be opened.
  • You will need your email or google account to register.
  • Fill out the required spaces following the instruction that will be given
  • You should get the following ready as you will be required to fill them out; (Email address, Advertising goal, Business description (business name and your business website), Budget, Billing.
  • After filling the necessary details, click on “Next”.
  • Review your budget after filling and set up your billing

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