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Guest Blogging | 6 Blog Tactics To Increase Your Site Traffic By 114% in 30 days

Guest blogging can be said to be a strategy used by bloggers to drive traffic to their sites. Guest bloggers offer to write content for other similar blogs in their industry as guest posts. In exchange, they attach links to their websites to drive traffic. As well as brand promotion.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging | 6 Blog Tactics To Increase Your Site Traffic By 114% in 30 days (Your #7 Traffic Booster)

In this post, I’m going to reveal to you different ways to increase your site traffic guest blogging.

  1. Research Your Guest Site

The first step to guest blogging Is locating the website you want to guest post on and ensure that they have the target audience you might be searching for that are relevant to your industry. For example, if you blog about food or you own a restaurant, you’ll need to find a food blog site that has a reasonable amount of audience. I’ll be sharing with you different ways you can find the right guest site to guest blog on.

  • Search Engines: you can use search engines like google and type in a keyword from your industry or niche to guide you to relevant posts or sites. You can use keywords such as “guest post”, “write for us”, “writers wanted”, “guest posts wanted”, guest blogger” become a guest writer”
  • Social Media Search: the most viable social media platform where bloggers can be found is Twitter. You can simply use the keyword “guest post” to search for tweets relating to your industry and follow the link to the blog.
  • Use Your Competitor Backlinks: with the aid of a tool such as open site explorer, you can take the homepage URL of your competitors, insert it into the open site explorer and it would display the blogs they’ve written from which you can make your analysis.
  1. Prepare Your Blog Post

After getting a list of sites that accept you to guest post on them, you need to select the ones that are best fit for you and is within your industry. In the process of your selection, you need to look out for these characteristics in a website.

  1. Site Related to your industry or niche
  2. Has a strong profile link
  3. Has a good amount of followers/audience
  4. They don’t hide blog link in a tiny box
  5. Post quality content.
  6. Find The Right Topic

You can check out the different blog sites for their most popular topics or use a tool such as Ahrefs which displays any blog best content that generates likes, shares, comments and drives traffic or BuzzsSumo which helps in listing trending topics in your niche.

  1. Prepare Your Pitch

You need to think of yourself as the owner of the blog you want to send your pitch to and imagine the workload he has on his hands such as writing tweets, replying inboxes and comments. You need to make your pitch effective and quick that it gains its approval on time.

Key Note: Here is a list of things to consider when mailing a post;

  • No more than 150 words
  • Start by saying something about their site
  • Give them at least 3 topics to choose from
  • Finally, you can talk about your previously published post.
  1. Start Writing

Once your pitch has been accepted, the next thing is to proceed and write your blog post. Write things people would want to read or create great content that would captivate the attention of the readers. When writing your guest post, structure it like the ones on the host blog. At the end of the blog, you can include a CTA button where they can be prompt to subscribe to receive emails or a comment section to engage with the discussion.

  1. Monitor The Blog Post

From time to time, you need to track and monitor your post on your guest blog to get the most out of it. You can actively respond to their comments, send those who subscribe to your newsletter a welcome mail. You can likewise use the Google Analytics tool to analyze your data and referral you gain from your guest post.