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Call to Action | 3 Ways to Improve Your Calls to Action and Lure Potential Customers

A call to action is a way to get your social media audience or potential customers to take an action you would want them to. It might be to click on a URL that will direct them to a buying or landing page, visit your website, newsletter sign up, etc.

Call to Action

To be able to get your audience to act, your calls to action must be enticing, compelling and relevant to your customers. That way it will spark up audience response.

Here in this post am going to be sharing five ways you can create a compelling call to action and lure potential customers.

  1. Set Out the action you want Customers to take

The purpose of a call to action is to get people to engage your product offers or further information about your business.

Make every intended action you would want your customers to take easy and make it follow in the process.

Be sure you are offering your readers or customers an offer they would go for. Though it shouldn’t be anything different from your business. Strive to project the process that involves your customers. You might need to give out something to incentivize them. Like free consultation services, a free product discount/coupon, etc.

  1. Create a Trigger Point

Every customer’s action is first propelled by what is in it for me kind of attitude.

To create a trigger point, use social media sharing and notes to appeal, spark up excitement and get customers to engage with your product and services. That way you have showed created reasons to think of buying.

You need to first create connectivity before asking your potential customers to buy. And you do that by making sense to them through an informed decision you deliberately create with your content about your product and services.

Every customer wants to know if the action they are about to take is worth their time, effort, social capital or even their cash.

You need to know that out of 100% customers that come across your ads, campaigns, and content. 90% of them will view/read it, 9% will share, but only 1% will create or purchase.

Most active participant or audiences on social media platforms aren’t interested in purchasing but on socializing.

The point is, don’t use your calls to action, just to tell a potential audience to buy. But first, build customer excitement and engagement first. This strategy is called the pre-purchase trigger.

  1. Hype Customers into Action

I hope you haven’t forgotten that the goal of this post is to lure your potential customers to take the desired action you would want them to.

To do that, you must spark a sense of urgency in other to increase response.

What we are dealing with here isn’t your competitors, but customers’ inaction. The same customers that won’t click your call to action button might end up hitting the next client call to action that appeals to them.

To capture them, you might need to project an offer they can’t turn down. But it must be something you are willing to offer. Don’t make an offer you can’t keep to. The idea is to get them to respond, and an appealing offer can hype them up.