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Instagram Links | 5 New Tools to Promote Up to Five Instagram Bio Links (Free & Paid)

Instagram Links – Instagram is a good platform to post a lot of images and videos, products and services but getting your followers to several landing pages is an upfront game.

You are only allowed to put up one link in your Instagram profile or account, which makes it a bit hard to direct followers to different sites and landing pages you would have loved them to visit.

Instagram Links

However, all hope is not lost. We bring good news for you. In this post, we are going to share five tools you will use to increase your Instagram links, and how to use them.

With these tools, you can promote up to five links in your Instagram posts, stories, and even on your Instagram bio/profile. Some of the tools are free, some have a trial version but limited features but some will have you pay few dollars to access it.

5 Tools to Promote Multiple Instagram Links

Here are five tools that will help you optimize links and direct your Instagram follows to multiple pages.

#1: LinkinProfile: Promote Links with Images

You can turn that one link allowed in your Instagram profile or bio to multiple links with Linkinprofile. Link in profile helps you to create pages of links (with your Instagram post on each of the links) and direct your IG followers to the pages of links created with one link on your IG profile.

How to use LinkinProfile:

LinkinProfile is not free but offers a 30-day free trial with no plan limitation. Buy a plan at $9.99 per month with a personal landing page designed with your Instagram handle and photo.

To start a free trial;

  • Visit here
  • Click “Start a free trial”
  • Sign in to your Instagram account
  • Allow LinkinProfile access your account
  • Key in your contact email address
  • On the LinkinProfile dashboard, you will see three things, a unique URL, stats and edit post links features.
  • To create your first page of links, click the “Links section”
  • Choose the particular Instagram post you want to display on your page of links
  • Click the “Tap to Add a Link” button
  • A space to add a link, description, and title pops up, fill those space and hit “Save
  • Choose to make the link visible, hidden or pinned.
  • Set up custom links, titles and description from the imported links by linkinProfile
  • Go to the top of your dashboard copy the unique URL and paste it into your Instagram profile/bio.

#2: Link.Bio: Manage Multiple Influencers Link

Manage multiple influencers accounts in one panel with offers a free version with a random unique URL.

To step up a bit to have a branded URL in, you need to go for the paid version. With two plans; the Pro-monthly pal at $0.99 per month and the Pro-Lifetime at $9.99 per Lifetime.

For influencers account management pricing starts at $1.99 per month for three influencers account.

How to use Lnk.Bio free account;

  • Visit here
  • Tap “Start Now”
  • Sign in with Instagram account by clicking the Login via Instagram
  • Enter your Instagram user name and password
  • Tap “Authorize”
  • Create your link
  • Go to the “Add a New Link” tab
  • Fill in your URL, title and tap “Add Link Now”
  • Add as many links as you want and click “Get Your URL”
  • Copy the URL and paste it in your Instagram Bio

Other Link Promotion tools are:

Try them and get more done (drive your followers to desired destinations) with Instagram Links on your IG Bio, stories, and Post.

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