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Instagram Bio Link | Tools to Increase your Instagram Bio Link and Drive Traffic to your Website

Many businesses and brands have come to know how to advertise products and services on the Instagram platform. My question is – what about driving traffic to your website? Using lots of Instagram bio links on your posts.

Instagram Bio Link

If you have been using the Instagram Platform to advertise and make posts. It’s no new news that there is a limitation to the number of links that can be embedded in your posts. Though there is a provision by Instagram to link one official owned website to your bio.

But that isn’t enough to drive the needed traffic to your site. What happens when you want to direct a few numbers of folks to a different buying page or site outside the prime link on your bio? It absolutely not encouraging traffic.

In this post, I will guide you on how to optimize your link in your Instagram bio and drive traffic to your site. Introduce you to tools that will help you add several links to your Instagram account/bio.

Instagram Bio Link

#1: Be More Targeted with Bio-Links

Come to think of it – you are only allowed to use one link in your Instagram account. Your biggest problem should be how to use that one link to reach your business goal and convert anyone that looks on your Instagram bio.

Let’s face it now, you have to be specific on what your business goal is. That determines the link that will work best in achieving that goal for your business.

What would you want to accomplish when people visit your profile. Would you want to turn them to grow your newsletter subscribers? Create brand awareness?

The moment you set your business goal. It’s now easy to spot out which link to add on your Instagram bio.

Be more specific with your link.

Make sure your link leads people to where you promised.

#2: Create a Compelling Instagram Bio Copy and Posts

Your focus should be on how to create s bio copy that will encourage your followers to click on the attached bio link. It takes a well-crafted bio copy and posts content to do that.

Spend time to review your bio copy and add a compelling call to action.

Be more creative on how to get your followers to click on your bio link by using emoji’s, special characters, and icons. You can even choose to alternate your fonts.

Use Instagram Bio-Link Optimization Tools

  1. LinktreeLinktree can help you add or promote up to five links in your Instagram account by using it to generate a custom link to add in your Instagram bio. When your followers click on the single generated custom link, a page pops up with multiple links you would want to share. You can share a link to a blog post, products, and services page, newsletter subscription page or email sign up.
  2. – this tool allows you to add multiple links and even tag products in your Instagram posts. It goes as far as turning your feed into a clickable landing page. help to also make each post direct your audience to a separate page or site. When you are done setting up your bio links with, add a call to action in your posts, captions and Instagram stories that help guide your followers on the right link to click depending on where you want them to visit.
  3. LinkinProfile – this is still a similar tool to Linketree and LinkinProfile it’s direct one single link on your Instagram bio to a page of links, but with additional features. It also displays your Instagram Post images next to the list of links.

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