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LinkedIn Business Page | A LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy To Catapult Your Business

Most businesses create LinkedIn business Page to promote their products and services, create brand awareness, and Post articles or content that help clients solve problems. While majorities of LinkedIn users use it for job hunting and recruitment etc.

LinkedIn Business Page

My focus in this post is not to show you things you can accomplish with your LinkedIn business page. I am writing this post to help you maximize many of the LinkedIn business page functions you aren’t using yet that will increase your business visibility.

These key functions are the basic elements/fundamentals you need to take cognizant of, in other to improve your business online presence and gain a head up on the LinkedIn platform. To do that you need to know four things; what a LinkedIn page is & what you can do with it, how to stay relevant with your audience, how to point audiences to your main page and measure your LinkedIn Marketing goal.

#1: LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn is a global professional community for businesses and enterprises. So having a page on LinkedIn is like acquiring a shop or store in the professional community where you engage your ideal clients or target audience.

Pages are ways you show other professionals on the platform what you do and how well you do them.

What can I accomplish with a LinkedIn page?

  • Grow your audience base
  • Promote your business, products, and services on a daily base
  • Secure a place in the professional community.

#2: Stay Relevant to your Audience with Daily Updates

One major thing you must master is how to stay relevant on LinkedIn by initiating daily interactions with your audience.

Updates Tips

  • Share relevant content that matters or solves the need of your audience
  • Focus on building trust and create a genuine connection with your audience
  • Be consistent in sharing content that resonates with your audience on a weekly base. A survey by LinkedIn shows that company that posts weekly on their business page gain twice audience engagement with their content, than those that don’t.

#3: Point Audience to a Specific Part of your Business/Company using Showcase Pages

Instead of making your whole product known to people that might not be interested in it. Use LinkedIn Showcase pages as a subpage that tells some group of an audience a part of your company that interest.

Showcase page features

  • Promote a precise line of business, product or services.
  • Link the audience directly to your main page through your showcase pages and push a tailored message to them. (Your messages or post gets to the only specific audience that the information is important).
  • Only make a part of your business known to a specific audience.

#4: Measure your Effort or Marketing Goal using Page Analytics

Page analytics helps to measure the accrued daily visits, followers and how audiences are engaging with your content.

Page Analytics Features

  • Measure audience impact and improve
  • Monitor your page activities
  • Discover trending content with your target audience
  • See what resonates and engages your audience and strategize.

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