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What Is The Meaning Of PM In Facebook? What is PM in Facebook

The puzzle is What is PM in Facebook, Are you a frequent Facebook user? If yes, you must have seen this term many times. However, if you have not heard or known about it, don’t worry.What is PM in Facebook

In this article, I will tell you the meaning of PM on Facebook. Are you excited? If yes, let’s learn now. Please read to the end.

In Facebook, people use the term “PM” to describe both personal messages and private messages. It is a way of telling someone to send you a private or personal message. Usually, it ends in private or personal communication between you and the person. What is important is that only the recipient of the is the per-message can see and read it.


To PM a friend on Facebook, you don’t have to leave a posting on her wall. All you need to do is to send him or her a private message. To do this, go to the messages section and click on the “Messages” tab of your account, and then click “Send a New Message.”

Type the friend’s name in the “To:” box and write your message in the box below it. After writing the message, send it. It will go directly to the recipient and no one else.


Furthermore, you can send someone a private or personal message through chat. Just download the Facebook chat app. After that, proceed to click on the “Chat” icon on the bottom right side of the screen, and then click the name of a friend and type a message.

If the friend has a green dot beside his name, he’s currently online. Facebook Messanger is the perfect app for this. It is available for download both for Android and iOS devices.

How to use PM

Whenever the need arises especially on your wall conversation, you can tell a friend to PM you. You do this if what you want to tell the person is personal, private, or confidential.

This may include messages containing personal advice; financial information and lots more. For instance, if you want to give a friend advice about using a particular skincare product, it will be through a private message. You can just tell the friend, I will PM you.


Sending a private message or personal message is better especially when the message is confidential or private. Also if it involves financial information, this is the only way to keep it secure.

No wonder Facebook permits you to fully customize your account’s privacy settings. Many people set up their accounts in a way that no one can contact them by private message. However, certain people only limit their availability to some friends on the Chat application.(1)

I believe you already know the meaning of Pm on Facebook. If you have questions, keep them in the comments section.