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Twitter Ads Help | What you should Know before Creating an Ads Campaigns

Here we are going to take you through the basics of Twitter ads campaigns. Starting with the first thing you need to know and do before creating a Twitter ads campaigns. Being a Twitter user doesn’t give automatic access to create promoted ads or tweets on Twitter, so before you can advertise on twitter you need to begin by creating a Twitter Ads account, learn about ad pricing before launching an ads campaign. Let’s start with creating an Ads Account.

Twitter Ads Help

How to Create a Twitter Ads Account

Creating a Twitter Ads account is a necessity for advertisers, it helps to launch promoted Tweet campaigns on Twitter. The ads account created when you visit “” is a paid placement for advertisers different from the “” organic account. But you can still have both at the same time.

Note that the Ads account is linked to the @handle which it was created from. Let’s assume you have a Twitter business account created from and an ads account created from when logged in, in your business account you can actually go to your ads account and promote tweets on behalf of your business account, just that the ads displays as promoted from the @handle of the ads account. To create a account for personal or business use, visit Here is how you can create twitter ads account;


  • Make sure your twitter organic account agrees to twitter policies.
  • Visit with your browser.
  • Sign in to the @handle your tweets will be promoted from.
  • Ones you are signed in, visit in another browser tab.
  • Choose between two promoted options; auto-promotion and launch a Twitter ads campaigns.
  • Choose your country, time zone, your billing currency, and the time zone your campaign result will show in.
  • You will be taken to either the campaign setup form or twitter auto-promote mode setup, depending on the promoted option you’ve chosen at the previous step.
  • Start a campaign and enter the billing info and your ads account is created.

How to Secure your Twitter Ads Account

An organic account user might be less concern about securing his/her twitter account but not the same with advertisers, so Twitter has created a security account page that provides instructions on how to protect your ads account against internet hackers. Follow the below security measures to secure your Twitter Ads account;

  1. If you have a domain email address, link your Twitter ads account to it, it helps whenever there need for a password reset.
  2. Make sure your domain email address login password is strong and unique, the same goes with your Twitter ads account password.
  3. Always verify that you are on’s official website before keying in your Twitter Ads account login details.
  4. Keep track of your ads account connectivity at the application page, to an only recognized application that you authorized.

Learn about Twitter Ads Pricing

Asking how much an ads cost as a newbie is really the questions we get often, but one of the things you need to know as an advertiser is that the cost of launching an ads campaign is dependent on your budget.

Twitter ads budgets can be set to aid anyone at the level at which your business operations, whether your business runs on a small scale or big scale, Twitter has ads budgets for you. How much you want to put up for your ads is completely based on your own decision and campaign goal. But there are three things that determine the price of each ads campaigns launched.

Tips; To plan your budget you need to know how billable actions, auctions, and bids work. To read more on this visit twitter ads help page.

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