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Twitter Retargeting | How to Create Twitter Ads Remarketing Campaigns

Twitter Retargeting which in other words called remarketing is a way to get your ads in front of the audience and visitors that have accessed your website or page. However there is likely going to be huge progress remarketing your Twitter ads to people that have already shown interest in your brand, they may seem to respond to your remarketing campaign as opposed to people who haven’t come across your brand for the first time.

Often times marketers or advertisers are faced with the question of “how and where they can locate and connect with users or audiences that are already aware of their brand on Twitter”. So we are going to answer that question by introducing to you three places you can get your audience.

Twitter Retargeting

Three Type of Twitter Audience to Retarget

There are three ways you target or remarket your ads campaign to people that have visited your website before; The first is targeting users through Mobile Apps; with a Twitter conversion tracking, you can collect details of people who have either signed up installed your app on their mobile device and retarget your ads to them.

You can retarget ads to Specific Users; loyal customers and people that have attended a host of programs or events you have organized using Lists upload of their details such as email addresses or Twitter username. The third is retargeting your Web Visitors; this can be done using Twitter websites’ tag, or Twitter’ Official partnership program.

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How to Create a New Audience

Creating a new audience for your Twitter Retargeting strategy is simple and easy. Just follow the listed steps below;

  • Sign in to your Twitter Ads account.
  • In the top navigation tap on the “drop-down Tools”.
  • Select Audience manager.
  • Hit on “Create new list audience”.
  • A descriptive name should be given to your “Twitter Tailored Audience”
  • Choose the “date type file” you are to upload such as Twitter usernames .eg. @Julius23, email addresses, or mobile advertising IDs.

Key Note; you can upload as many contact lists as you want, and it helps organize your ads remarketing, and restrict you from random remarketing. Therefore after you might have uploaded your contacts list the choice of adding them to your remarketing campaign is yours. Which is dependent on your marketing strategy.

How to create Twitter Retargeting Campaigns

To set up Twitter ads retargeting campaigns from your Twitter Ads interface is simple without the help of a marketing guru or genius. The first way you can set up a twitter remarketing campaign is to create and Install Twitter Tag. Visit the below post to and follow the steps to create and install Twitter Tag on your website.

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How to Launch your Remarketing Twitter Ads Campaigns

We have succeeded in creating and installing Twitter Tag on your site, the next thing is to launch your Twitter Retargeting Ads campaigns to the target users, follow the steps below to launch your campaign;

Tips; to create a remarketing campaign you need above 100 users in other to launch an audience remarketing.

  • Sign into your Twitter ads account and create a new Twitter Retargeting campaign.
  • Tap the create “New Campaign” and select your campaign “Objectives”.
  • Name your campaign.
  • Choose your conversion tracking and set it’s status to “Verified”.
  • Chose what you sell and your language.
  • Choose device setting; desktop and mobile.
  • Set your budget and choose a bid type.
  • The next thing is to create Tweets and Twitter cards.
  • You will need to create tagged links for the website card as untagged Twitter traffic often shows up as “Direct” in Google Analytics.
  • Write the tweets you will use for the campaign.
  • Tap on “Tweet promoted only” then your tweets will be published on your timeline.
  • Hit the Save and Review button to launch your campaign.

Tips; don’t activate any other targets, if you don’t want a reduction in your audience size.

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