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Likes on Facebook Free | 5 Little Unknown Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Likes on Facebook Free – Currently Facebook has played a game and reduced the post reach and likes on pages unless you pay for it using post boosting or run ads to get engagement or likes.

I have been closely watching Facebook policies for the last 2 years and running ads and handling social media accounts for various clients. There is a drastic change in the policies within 2 years.

Likes on Facebook Free

Facebook has become more money minded and you can’t get anything without paying. Though you have to stick to the basics to engage users and make a good fan following.

In this post, I will share ways you can still get likes on Facebook free without paying a dim.

Add a professional Touch

Update profile picture or logo, Cover Image, possibly with a call to action (eg. “Get your free download today”), A short “about” section (make it short and catchy), website URL, 5 And other useful details (More info=More credibility)

Hit Up Friends to Like your Page

Like attract likes (Click invite friends to leverage your own network.) You need to invite some people, to get started. Invite all your friends, not all will like, but still do that.

Promote your Facebook Page URL

Email, twitter Instagram, website, blogs. One tip, add one-click like on the website on the blog. Add a one-line telling what your fan page helps them with.

Good Content Always Win

This is what most of the marketers forget after making a page, they forget that the main objective of the page is to make your content reach your audience, it is the content that motivates your fans to know, share, buy, or refer your product or service. What most of the marketers focus on are likes.

Comment and Showcase your Page Link on Other Facebook Pages

If you’re a fan of other Facebook pages, post comments and occasionally a link on their status updates using your fan page name. This will help your business name appear in front of their fans and most likely attract new likes to your own page.

You’ll get the best results by posting your comments on pages with hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans, and by being one of the first to comment on updates made on those pages. Just be careful not to overdo your links; keep it to a reasonable amount or you’ll risk annoying people.

Add a Like Button on your Website

The Like box social plugin lets you attract ‘Likes’ through your website so that you can grow the number of fans you have on your fan page. It also shows recent posts from your Facebook page which is a great way to demonstrate social proof and give people a taste of the type of content they’ll find there.

When your website visitors see the Like box, many will click through to your fan page and like the page so this is a free and fast way to build your fan base while getting targeted Facebook likes. It’s very easy to add this widget on the sidebar of your blog or website and make your fan page visible to anyone who comes to your site.

Promote Your Facebook URL using Email Outreach

Using your email to promote your Facebook page is a great way to get additional exposure from people who know you but may not be aware you are on Facebook. It’s also a great opportunity for someone new to discover your page.

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