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Digital Marketing Campaigns | 2 Ways to Make your Social Campaigns Outstanding

Thousands of marketers and advertisers launch campaigns and sponsored ads on several media platforms and through Google Adwords in a bid of ideal customers’ attention. The challenges with Digital Marketing Campaigns is that out of 100’s launched sponsored ads, only about 20% to 30% end up getting audience attention and clicks.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

In this post, I am going to share two ways you can improve your social media campaigns with examples from successful brands and marketers.

#1: Create Visual and Action-Oriented Campaigns

The classic banana brand, Chiquita, used the last solar eclipse to put a quirky spin on one of its recent marketing campaigns, proving the importance of aligning your campaigns with events that are both newsworthy and meaningful.

A simple Twitter video to show the banana sun and used this idea to share gifs and even a real-life banana that was unveiled the day before the eclipse in New York. The result was thousands of new followers on Twitter, millions of hits on the videos, and a massive boost in engagement.

Digital Marketing Campaigns Examples (1)

The home and hardware store Lowe’s (alongside BBDO New York) ended up winning several industry awards via a campaign that used a strategic combination of visual content across platforms like Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat to appeal to the budget-focused, DIY set. They used unique hashtags (#hypermade #LowesFlipSide #LowesFixInSix) to highlight various video series relevant to the DIY “fix it” series, which featured people using their products for DIY jobs.

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One of their Facebook series offered viewers easy access to a 360 video that showed up-close how to do DIY projects. They also employed stop-motion animation to appeal to the vintage-loving crowd, as well as unedited iPhone clips as authentic-looking videos. These unique, real, and memorable visuals were not only interesting to watch, but they were also educational and useful for almost anyone who loves DIY.

The reason this was successful is that Lowe’s isn’t really a DIY shop – they sell the products to make things, but they don’t sell the finished items. Sharing detailed and precise, step-by-step videos about how to make things cheaply is something that almost anyone can get behind.

Their success lies partially in that they took it another step further, showing what people can achieve with the stuff the store sells.

#2: Highlight Social Responsibility

Many businesses are using social issues and events to highlight either its services or its mission and philosophy. And it’s becoming extremely popular for people to support brands that are doing more than just selling products.

When it comes to branding, you must ensure that your social campaigns highlight a key element of your brand authenticity in order to connect with your customers at an emotional level.

Digital Marketing Campaigns Examples (2)

Take the socially aware dog treat and the accessory company I Heart Dogs, for instance. The company used an innovative anti-consumerism campaign just before Black Friday to highlight the importance of giving, not spending, during the holidays.

The innovative company used Facebook to advertise an eye-catching slogan, “0% off,” which was a way of catching attention during the most popular time of year for shopping.

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This unique (yet simple) phrasing ended up attracting enough attention to not only double their goal of offering meals to 100,000 dogs via donations, but they also had four times the sales as a result of the campaign.

They ended up reaching 500,000 people on Facebook and had so much positive engagement overall that there was no doubt the campaign helped to boost customer lifetime value.

This sort of campaign shows how, if something appeals to the heart and catches you off-guard, it’s very likely to be memorable. Also, highlighting a mission and cause instead of an actual product worked to promote trust in and care for the brand.

5 Digital Marketing Campaign Template

Here are five stages of an effective campaign template;

  1. Develop a digital marketing strategy.
  2. Discover and grow your Audience Reach.
  3. Foster brand engagement.
  4. Monitor and optimize your results.
  5. Turn customers into brand loyalists and advocates.