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Impraise | Software Overview | Features, Login and Pricing

Empower your employees’ to slide up the speed of performance and productivity index with Impraise – The people enablement platform.

Impraise gives your employees’ clear-caught direction and focuses through its amazingly easy to use, and easy- to- set-up features such as goal management, real-time feedback, reviews, and light-weight check-ins.


Use Impraise to empower your workers. In return, your business grows. With performance reviews, surface 360 insights and leadership development and management of workers routine or workflows.

Impraise is used across small and medium enterprises and deployed on Android, iOS, Cloud, SaaS, and Web.

Impraise Features: What Makes Impraise Outstanding

  • Easy to use customer interface
  • Instant feedback to team members
  • Quick responsive App support team
  • Records are retrievable at its point of need

Why use Impraise Software?

There are some key benefits of using Impraise software. These benefits enable your people, workers, and employees to perform at their best.

  • It increases reports clarity and alignment
  • Speed up professional growth
  • Create interconnectivity within an organization

Software Features

  • Aggregate, group summary, comparative, and individual reports
  • Customizable and library questions
  • Self-service portal
  • Tracking
  • Feedback, goal, and performance management
  • Employees guide and alignment
  • Social recognition and survey
  • Customizable template
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Peer and self-appraisal
  • Skill assessments
  • Custom rating scales

What does Impriase Software Cost? (Pricing)

Still, wondering how many dollars you need to spend on Impriase software? Don’t worry too much. Impriase developers give you the opportunity to use the free demo version of their software to confirm if the app features really worth the price and of course if it delivers its promises.

Impriase Pricing is based on an annual subscription. But your company is billed based on the number of users or team members.

Impraise Sign Up

Visit the Impraise home page with the details below to sign up.

  • First and last name
  • Work email
  • Work phone
  • Company name
  • Number of employees’ or app users
  • Your company location
  • And click the “Let’s go” button to complete the sign-up.

Already a registered member? Login with your account details

On the app home page tap the “sign-in” tab on the top right corner.

Key in the below details to sign in;


Just like there are “Pros” of Impraise, there are still “Cons” you might need to know. The beauty of Impraise is – the app developers are constantly updating their app features and fixing errors reported by users. So you got nothing to worry about.

Impriase was built for people enablement. the main focus is to empower the people to grow their business and improve the productivity performance/index of employees or staff.