Noom | A Weight Loss Program That Prioritizes Your Physical & Mental Health

I know you have come across many Apps and weight loss programs that majored on how to make you lose weight physically. But does nothing to keep you mentally healthy. No focuses on both your physical and mental health with Programs that help to stop unhealthy dieting and start living your best life with the use of technology and a little help from psychologists.


What is Noom?

Noom is an app-based weight loss program developed by licensed doctors and mental health professionals.

With Noom you can Keep track of your daily activity level, food dairy, find recipes for healthier cost-friendly options to some of your favorites dishes.

You can also subscribe to gain an expert service from professional doctors who help set your weekly dieting goal, health exercises, and as well develop a personalized plan of action with support at each step of the process.

Do You Know? The program course is developed by world-class doctors and psychologists. Professionals with years of experience, some trained at Harvard, and Ph.D. Doctors.

How to use Noom

With Noom you can identify bad habits, but to that is that Noom provides know-how and tools to help change the decision-making process that will enable you to live healthier. Am new with Noom – How does Noom Work?

More than just counting calories, points or participation in weight exercise. What you need is to download the App. It’s available on App stores, for Android, iOS and web, register with your personal information and walk through the plan you subscribed to.

Sign Up

To sign up, visit the Noom home page or download the App at Google play store (for Android Users) or Apple store (for iOS users). And fill in the following details.

  • Goal weight (the actual goal weight you want to achieve)
  • Eating habits (your current dieting and intervals you take them)
  • Average daily activity levels
  • Your Age
  • Height
  • Your current weight

When you are done filling the primarily required info, more depth questions might also roll out to help pinpoint your goal and build real and efficient strategy and processes that with help change it.

Like we said earlier on, Noom is not just concerned with getting you to lose weight but also seeks to keep your mental health in a good state. So you might come across questions like “In addition to your weight loss goal, what’s a goal you would like to achieve with your program?”

The idea is to get you to think of your health goal aside weight loss.


Noom is quite cost-effective, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars anymore in trying to lose weight. With Noom new members can access all the program features plus articles to keep you motivated through your program period, daily challenges and quiz, a visual support group and a lot more benefits for just $49.50 per month.

If you don’t want to pay straight away, because you aren’t sure if Noom offers all of its promises and if the features and programs are worth the few dollars. You can start with a 14-day trial for just $1. To start with the 14-day trial click here.

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