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Wrike: Project Management Tool for Workplaces

Maybe you’ve heard about a project or work management software called Wrike and wondered what it can help your agency or company achieve.


Maybe you’ve heard about a project or work management software called Wrike and wondered what it can help your agency or company achieve.

What is Wrike?

Wrike is a professional, easy-to-use project management tool designed to help businesses and enterprise companies (small, medium, or large) run and assemble projects, communications, and data in one place. It was launched in 2007.

Let’s say you are an advertising agency and want to keep track of when your campaign is completed. Wrike is a good tool to go for.

Device Compatibility

Wrike is compatible with all devices; it can be installed and used on:

  • iOS (mobile)
  • Android (mobile)
  • Web
  • Mac
  • Windows

10 things you need to know about Wrike

  1. It’s easy to use (create a task, assign a task, set data, add attachments, etc.).
  2. You can customize everything to your taste.
  3. It will help you stay organized.
  4. It’s flexible (you can use it anywhere and on any device).
  5. It has a very friendly, intuitive, and interactive UI (user interface).
  6. It fosters and consolidates communication among staff and managers.
  7. Gain real-time visibility into every bit of your team’s work.
  8. Track your projects and team performance, and know when each person in the team rounds up their task.
  9. Assign roles to every individual member of your team.
  10. Set up workflows for your team, and each time a project is created, a notification task will be sent to them, along with when the task execution should start.

Dashboard Features

  • Interactive interface: here is where the project manager interacts with every member of the team (the communication and collaboration room).
  • KPI metrics—this is where all the reports of team performance are shown.
  • Private dashboard: this is where individuals carry out a personal task; the name implies “private,” meaning no member of the team sees what each individual is working on.
  • The public dashboard and team performance is displayed here.
  • Visual analytics, where time and progress are tracked, live streaming, etc.
  • Widgets: different widgets to carry out any other function.

Sign Up Wrike

You can start using Wrike for free, but it is limited to only five user teams and a limited shared task.

Sign up for free and follow the below steps:

  • Visit
  • On the top right corner of the home page, enter your business email and click “Get started for free”.
  • Go to your email and confirm your registration.
  • Enter your full name in the new tab pop-up from the email confirmation button you clicked.
  • Key in a password
  • Enter phone
  • Provide your business email.
  • Select company size
  • Choose a role.
  • Enter your country, if not automatically chosen.
  • Click “Next” to continue and finish up your sign-up.

Wrike Login

  • Visit the official website (
  • Click the Wrike login button.
  • Enter your email or corporate ID.
  • Click “Next”

Note: You can also log in with your Google or Microsoft Office account.

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