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Company Page on LinkedIn: How to Set Up a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals and businesses. As a professional, you need a LinkedIn profile to gain a presence on the LinkedIn platform while as a business you need to create a company page on LinkedIn in other to gain presence.

Gaining a presence on social media platforms like LinkedIn will automatically increase your business awareness and brand reach. However, so long as LinkedIn is concerned you will need to create a company page to make your business discoverable to your target audience.

Company Page on LinkedIn


Now owning a business or company page is very easy and free of charge. What is required to create a company page is that you should have created a LinkedIn profile or a personal account.

A personal account has to do with you as a professional on the platform while the company page gives you a business or brand presence. If you don’t have a personal account with LinkedIn refer to this post on how to create a LinkedIn personal profile and follow the steps there to successfully create a LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn Company Page Cost

Using a company page gives you enormous benefits so much so that sometimes people took its enormous benefits “too good to be true”. However, LinkedIn is completely a social media platform. You only pay on LinkedIn when you want to run a sponsored campaign or advertisement, outside that, everything else is free.

LinkedIn Company Page Admin

Page admin for any company account created on LinkedIn is a position given to the person that created the account, though it happens automatically. Immediately you sign up for a company page you are given auto admin access.

The admin position gives you the power to control all the page activities including who posts on the page, what is posted, who joins the page, and also access to statistics of what is happening on the page. The main page admin can decide to give other page members admin access as well. So a company page can decide to have more than one admin.

How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

The guide below simply shows you how to set up a Company Page.

  1. With an internet-enabled device.
  2. Visit
  3. Login in to your account if you have created one or visit here to sign up one.
  4. Locate the “work Icon” and hit “Create a Company page”.
  5. Choose page type and key in the page name.
  6. Enter the page URL, a subdomain after
  7. Add your company’s website if you have one.
  8. Fill in your company details.
  9. Check the legal box.
  10. Hit on the “Create Page” button.

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