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Purpose Of LinkedIn | 5 Reasons Why You Need A LinkedIn Account

Purpose Of LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a very popular professional networking platform, where job seekers and employers can connect. It’s also more like a social media platform where you get to hook up with work friends, old colleagues, university friends that you’ve lost touch with and you get to know their workplaces as well as places they’ve lived or traveled to in time past.

Purpose Of LinkedIn

Lastly, I can say that LinkedIn is your online Resume or C.V which showcases your abilities and recommendations. As a job-seeker, it can be tough to find a job on your own considering the fact that the world is becoming more digital like never before.

Creating a LinkedIn profile gives you many advantages, especially against candidates who do not have a LinkedIn account.

With a LinkedIn account, you can accomplish more online and even move your online networks to offline. If you are yet to create a LinkedIn account, here are 5 major reasons why you should create one as a carrier person, a professional or even an upcoming brand.

Purpose Of LinkedIn

There are countless reasons why you should have a LinkedIn account but I am going to be sharing the most important reasons.

  1.  Apply for job opportunities Online

You can search and apply for job opportunities on LinkedIn. Instead of emailing your resume file, you can apply for jobs on LinkedIn with a click of a button. When you apply to any job opportunity on LinkedIn, your LinkedIn information will be sent automatically to the employer hiring for the position. This then fastens the process of applying for different jobs as you can apply for multiple job openings with just a click of a button.

  1. Build an Online Version of your Resume

LinkedIn is basically an online version of your resume where you showcase your work experience, your work achievements, and recommendations from your work colleagues and clients. With LinkedIn, you have the option to send the URL of your LinkedIn page to potential employers, in place of a physical resume.

  1. Jobs Interviews comes Knocking on your door

With LinkedIn, even if you do not apply to job opportunities, employers can still view your LinkedIn profile. Potential employers and companies can headhunt, and contact you, faster and more accurately on the platform if they think you are a good fit for an opening at their company. By creating a LinkedIn account, jobs could come to you.

  1. LinkedIn Extends your Network Reach

LinkedIn puts you on the map. If your profile is set to public, any potential employer can view your information. You can also expand your network significantly and create more work opportunities by joining groups and discussions on various topics that you are interested in. So if you’re open to relocating, or doing some freelance work across the world, LinkedIn is the right platform for you.

  1. It keeps you Digitally Enlightened

Having a LinkedIn profile shows that you are up-to-date with the latest technology and open to new opportunities. You are setting yourself apart from candidates who do not have an account. Keeping up with the new options that are being added on a regular basis. Sync it with Facebook, PowerPoint’s, Google, Amazon, Twitter or your personal blog.

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