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Twitter Ads Eligibility | How Advertisers can Meet Twitter’s Eligibility Requirement

It’s required that all Twitter accounts must meet twitter eligibility policies and rules in other to advertise on Twitter with your Twitter Ads account. The rules are applicable to all paid twitter ads placement (advertisers). Below are two things to take note of;

Twitter Ads Eligibility

Twitter Ads Offboarding

There are numerous processes and rules twitter must pass through before an advertiser is removed from the Twitter ads platform. This process is called “offboarding”, according to twitter, and the goal of Twitter is to make sure every account removed must have fallen short of Twitter policies, terms and conditions, and rules.

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Twitter Ads Approval

It’s important for every promoted content through Twitter ads to go through an approval process. The process helps to keep up with the Twitter ad’s quality and compliance to the rules and regulations of the ad, to avoid abusive and prohibited contents.

Twitter Account Eligibility

  1. A newly created twitter ads account needs some period of time to pass through a twitter review process before ads can be created using such an account. So if you just created a new Twitter ads account to give it some period of time like some weeks before launching your first ads. Note advertisers whose account or Tweets are under review that would want to know the status of their review or request a fast review. File a support ticket using the help button in the edge right side of your ads dashboard, when you are logged in at
  2. A deactivated account can’t launch twitter ads, to be able to participate in advertising on twitter your Twitter account must be active.
  3. Advertisers with a suspended account aren’t allowed to launch twitter ads if their account is in the suspended state.
  4. Twitter also measures account eligibility by its quality. Your twitter account can only be eligible for Twitter ads if it meets Twitter ads quality policy.

Twitter Account Quality Specifications;

  1. For your account to be eligible it must have a profile image.
  2. The profile image can only be in the JPG image format.
  3. A header image is also required as a JPG image format.
  4. At the bio session of your account, it is required that you add a website or your personal URL. The website provided must be functional and should not require visitors to sign up before its contents can be accessed.
  5. The website should be no different from the business or services to be promoted. So it must be in line with what you are advertising.

Other Eligibility Requirements are the Country of the Targeted Audience and Trade Restrictions;

  • There is some location that isn’t allowed for Twitter promoted tweets or content. Follow this link to know if your target countries are eligible.
  • Twitter banned ads targeted to audience and account whose countries are under the US trade sanctions and US export control laws. People in countries under this bane and laws are restricted from signing up for a Twitter Ads account. Examples are countries like Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Sudan.

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