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LinkedIn Showcase Pages | How To Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages to Promote Your Products & Services

LinkedIn showcase pages are simply an extension of your company page created on LinkedIn that allows you to showcase different or multiple products and services your company offers. It’s a sub-page that allows you to show part of your products and service to unique individuals.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Why LinkedIn Showcase Pages?

A showcase page allows users on LinkedIn to follow a particular product a company or business has to offer without actually following the company’s main page. This allows the company to acquire more audiences on that particular product and hence be able to get feedback from the comments of the followers to help them better the product.

In creating a showcase page, you can only use a name or alias that hasn’t been used yet on LinkedIn. A showcase page consists of its status update, followers, comments, etc. it can be said to be a company’s mini-page.

How To Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Below are steps on how to create a showcase page to promote your product;

  1. Login to your company’s page
  2. Select manage page
  3. Click on the drop-down menu on the right of the “Edit” button and click on “Create a Showcase Page.”
  4. Create A Page Name: This is one of the most important parts of creating your showcase page as the name you create must be unique else LinkedIn won’t publish the page. Note that the showcase page name you create you must be different from the main page name as it would have its custom URL which can be used to access the page directly. You can add an acronym to the page name as this helps to differentiate your page from other similar pages on LinkedIn.
  5. Customize Your Page: just like the main company page, you must fill out the details, information on the showcase page you are creating and add pictures and a logo to give it a more detailed description of what the page is all about.

Page Features Customization

Some feature you should fill in when customizing the page are as follows:-

  • Background photo; This can also be called “cover photo” and it should reflect the product or service being shown.
  • Logo; This would appear on the left-hand part of the page and the image used should be the approved product logo.
  • The address
  • Size of the company
  • The industry related to the showcased product/service
  • Web address
  1. Click publish when you’re done with customizing your page
  2. Proceed To Post Content On Your Page: – you can post anything you want concerning the product showcased. You can post videos, images, certain testimonials from users who have benefited from using your product and service as this would also help to engage your audience.
  3. Promote Your Post Using Sponsored Update: you can promote your post to reach more target audiences by using a tool provided by LinkedIn called sponsored post where you pay a little fee to allow LinkedIn to promote your content for you to reach people within and outside your network.

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