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Hashtags for Ecommerce | How to Monitor Visibility and Gain Insight into Your Audience

Bring your business in front of more people to increase your sales by using hashtags for eCommerce. Hashtags are commonly used in social media but online businesses can cash into it and make their businesses or products more visible to the web world.

Hashtags for ecommerce

Hashtags for Ecommerce

Use hashtags for e-commerce to get your tweets, Instagram photos, pins, and Facebook timeline posts in front of more people. You can easily join or create any conversation made around that topic. As an eCommerce business, how can you leverage hashtags to enhance your marketing and sales?

Monitor Visibility and Gain Insight into Your Audience

As hashtags come in handy in categorizing posts by purpose or topic, you can browse through your relevant hashtags to gain insight into what your target market is talking about. In other words, hashtags help in monitoring the visibility of your company or your products. You can monitor what your audience is posting about, what’s trending, and attitudes toward a specific topic or trend. This provides new and certainly valuable information that wasn’t available previously. With this information you learn from tracking hashtags, you can refine your marketing tactics and better target your customers.

Promotions and advertising

It’s nearing the holidays, and hashtags are great for boosting your company and products. The inclusion of a unique hashtag can help potential customers find, search or learn about your brand and its values. For example, during the holidays, you can use hashtags such as #BlackFriday, #StockingStuffers, #GiftForDad, or anything relevant that is trending. Facebook now displays the trending hashtags as Twitter does, making it easy for your content to reach a much broader audience.

Event marketing

Your business has decided to sponsor or participate in a conference panel. Include a hashtag of the event (i.e. #SXSW2014) as well as your brand or product. Once the hashtag gets retweeted, people who come to the event will know you’re there and what you’re all about. This also applies to special events, such as friends and family sale or some sort of discount week.

TweetChat | Knowing your customers better

  • TweetChats are extremely popular and a great way to engage your customers in real-time. You can host a chat session around a specific topic or trend just by inserting the relevant hashtag in your tweet. For example, you’re prepping for a campaign and you want to know what’s on your customers’ wish lists. Create a TweetChat around it by telling your customers to join the conversation by the specific hashtag you created.
  • The use of hashtags has become a staple in our culture, and they are not likely going away anytime soon, especially since social media is becoming increasingly more important for eCommerce businesses. With hashtags, businesses can leverage their popularity to join and create conversations, build brand awareness, promote product sales, and discover new opportunities for commercial gain.