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Facebook Likes | How to Get Facebook Likes

Everyone wants admiration for their posts on Facebook. Admiration can come in the form of Facebook likes or comments. Facebook users strive to get many likes for every one of their posts on social media.

Facebook users go out of their way to make their posts and photos more captivating and inviting, in order to garner more likes on the platform. Thus it may be frustrating if your efforts are not yielding the results you want on the contents you post. To get Facebook likes on your posts, follow the steps below;

Facebook Likes

How to Get Facebook Likes

  • One of the known ways of getting Facebook likes is by posting a minimum of one content daily on your Facebook page. You can do this, by posting unique and engaging content that is both captivating and inviting to your Facebook audience.
  •  Make your page engaging enough, by posting a maximum of 2 or 3, or better still 1 content per day.
  • Add friends: Adding more friends, to your page, is another avenue of getting more likes on Facebook.
  • Tag friends to your posts, to get them notified of the post itself. Once you do this, you increase the chances of your friends like your post. Tagging your friends to your posts also gets the contents to appear on the Timelines of your friends if they choose to allow it, thus enabling more people to view your content and ultimately like it.
  • You are advised to exercise caution when tagging friends on posts in order not to come off as a bore to your friends.
  •  Play more with photos and videos on your Facebook page. This may be a photo of yourself, an animal as well as exciting places you have visited. Upload one photo at a time, to enable people to view and like the photo, without scrolling through an entire album.
  • Liking other people’s post, makes them feel obligated to like yours in return. Doing this, makes your friends feel appreciated.
  • Respond to other people’s posts, by commenting on your friend’s post to show your friends that you read and appreciate their post.
  • These may not be all the tips you need to get more likes on Facebook, but trying out these few, will certainly give you those Facebook “likes” you so desire.

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