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Facebook Video Calling | Facebook Video Calling Download

Distance has been bridged by Facebook video calling. Facebook video calling gives you the feeling you could not get because of distance, now you can talk to your friends and family with audio-visual components.

Have a face to face interaction with your people, not minding where they are or the mobile connection they have. Just follow the steps below to start Facebook video calling;

Facebook Video Calling


Facebook Video Calling

  • Start, by logging into Facebook via your personal account. ( Not your business account)
  • Search through the right hand side of Facebook, to locate for a contact, who is online, by using the green icon beside his/her name, as a guide. If you can’t find any, tap on “Turn on Chat”, this will help you to start chatting with someone you want to place a video call to.
  • Next, click the video icon on the top of the chat, window to initiate the call. This will automatically launch the video set-up program.
  • You can also navigate to a friend’s timeline, and click on the gear icon, and choose “Video Call”.
  • Then click on “Set Up” button, to begin the set-up process. In the window displayed, click on “Run”, to give Facebook access to your computer.  This consist of a file downloads, that is the installation program for Facebook Video calling.
  • Wait for the progress bar to fill, after which, the video call starts automatically in earnest.
  • Start engaging and watch your friends smile, wink and express themselves

Facebook Video Calling Offers

  • Helps call your friends right from Facebook
  • With just a tap on the call button at the top of your friends profile or chat window, without launching any software you can make a video
  • You can leave a video message.
  • Free service, powered by Skype.
  • Facebook video calling needs no setup, or additional software, and it’s service, comes with buttons, attached to the Facebook interface which makes it quick and simple for user’s to initiate video calls with their Facebook friends.
  • Works on computers at, or download Messenger to your computer.
  • You can get Facebook video calling for iOS, Android, Windows phone, and BlackBerry.

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