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Twitter Website Tag | How to Create and Install Tag on your Website

Twitter Website Tag – the first thing to do when setting up a Twitter Ads remarketing campaign is to create and Install Twitter Tag on your website. Website Tag is a line of HTML unique ID you need to add into your website or web page code. It calculates actions of site visitors, such as purchases, downloads, or sign-ups actions.

Twitter Website Tag

How to create a Twitter Tags on your website

In other to make your Twitter ads show on your site visitors Twitter timeline you need to link your Twitter ads with your site or your site pages that people visit. Flow the steps below to create tags and install them;

  • Go to Twitter Ads Panel.
  • Login to your Twitter account.
  • In the top edge of your profile tap the “gear-like setting” button.
  • Select a Twitter ad from your menu.
  • At the Twitter campaign dashboard, hit “Conversion Tracking” located at the top of the toolbar.
  • A new page pops up Hit “Create My First Website Tag” button.
  • Name your tag.
  • Select the conversion type.
  • At the create a Tailored audience, Tick the remarketing box.
  • Hit “Create Tag” A tab with a tracking code will pop up. Don’t close the tab, you will need to copy the code for the installation stage.

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We are done creating Twitter Tag, the next step would be to install the code we have generated on your website or page. In other to help those that aren’t code guru install the tag on their wordPress site, we have chosen to share an easy method to install the code on your site without stress but if you have a non-WordPress site I recommend you ask your developer to help you install the tag. To install the tag on your WordPress site follow the final installation steps below using “Google Tag Manager”;

Installing Tag using Google Tag Manager

  • First, you need to create a “Google Tag Manager” account.
  • Write a note of your assigned website ID.
  • On your website, open the Tag manager.
  • Click on New and on Tag.
  • Key in the tag name.
  • From the Tag Type drop-down menu, select custom HTML tag.
  • On the empty text field, paste the Twitter tag code you generated before.
  • Sign into your WordPress site, on the dashboard go to the plugins side and tap “Add New”.
  • A search box will appear, Type Google Tag Manager and hit search plugins.
  • A result appears with the Google Tag Manager plugin.
  • Tap on install, to start an installation of the Google Tag Manager plugin.
  • Track the particular account with the Google Tag manager ID assigned to you in step one of this installation.

Twitter allows you, advertisers, to create two types of Tag; a universal tag and a single event tag.

How to create a Universal Twitter Tag


  • Login to your Twitter Ads account.
  • At the top navigation bar go to the Tools drop-down menu and select ”Audience Manager”.
  • At the pop-up page, click Create New Audience.
  • Select make a tag to collect website visitors from the drop-down menu.
  • Define your audience by making a tag, that either collect all visitors or new visitors.
  • Select Use a universal website tag.
  • Tick the terms and conditions box.
  • A page will show up containing your website tag.
  • Copy your Twitter ID after the ‘init’.
  • Open google tag manager.
  • Select Twitter universal website tag, as your tag type.
  • Paste the unique ID you copied into the “Twitter Pixel ID” field.
  • Select “page view” as your tag event.
  • Choose “All pages” as the trigger for your tag.
  • Save and publish the tag live. In few hours your twitter tag will start registering your site visitors.

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