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LinkedIn Marketing | 4 Outstanding Marketing Tips for Effective Content Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a viral social media platform use by B2B professionals. Marketing in LinkedIn is a focal point for small and medium businesses. Use LinkedIn social media platform to build and nurture your ideal audiences and make your brand outstanding.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing | 4 Outstanding Marketing Tips for Effective Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Some statistical inference you need to know about LinkedIn and why it has become the number one content marketing platform for B2B marketers/professionals;

LinkedIn now has over 26 million companies and 15 million active job listings. And over 1 million professionals publish posts on LinkedIn on a daily and weekly base.

The major trending content types on LinkedIn are “How-to & list posts so far it performs best on LinkedIn. 50% of content readers on LinkedIn are company managers, VPs, CEOs, or other key position holders in industries.

Articles without video perform better than those with video. Though the game changed in the first quarter of 2018. Right now articles with video scale up on social media platforms but still in poor use on LinkedIn. 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn vs. 13% on Twitter & 7% on Facebook.

We have managed to get your attention to the numbers. Now, let’s guide you through the four Marketing Tips for Effective Content Marketing on LinkedIn.

#1: Decide your Marketing Goal

Setting a marketing goal is the first thing to do in your journey to creating a LinkedIn marketing content that works. Do you want to increase brand awareness, promote your products and service, etc?

#2: Go for the right Media Medium vs. the right Content-Type

Not every LinkedIn media medium goes well with the same content type. What are LinkedIn media mediums and content types? LinkedIn medium talks about where you publish your post from LinkedIn to reach your target audience. It can be on your company page, in a LinkedIn group, Email, in your personal profile or even as a direct message. While the content type is the form your content or LinkedIn post appears to your audience. You can publish a LinkedIn article, Links, text posts, video, photo and engagement posts.

Smart Note: About 45% of LinkedIn article readers are in upper-level positions (managers, VPs, Directors, C-level).

#3: Choose what to Publish (the content Topics)

The next action is to sit down and create a well-thought-out content topic that resonates with your audience. An effective LinkedIn post must be compelling and appealing to your audience, it must show your audience what you do best, and of course relevant to your audience need.

Smart Note: The top sort after skills on LinkedIn is statistical analysis and data mining. If your industry is connected to this niche, then you have a big pile of an audience on LinkedIn.

Smart Tips: Posts split into 5, 7, or 9 headings perform the best. Articles with titles between 40-49 characters perform the best on LinkedIn. Just like we already stated before “How-to & list posts” performs best on LinkedIn. Also, go for a good content mix. You can be interchanging your content type on a weekly or monthly basis.

Topical Ideas on LinkedIn you can delve into;

  • Industry News
  • Blog Post
  • How-To & List Posts
  • Quick Tips
  • Photo Updates/Current Event
  • Company Updates/Achievements
  • Business & Life Tips
  • Knowledge and Skills
  • Leadership

#4: Build System of Workflow

First, to head up in your industry, you need to build systems of workflows. To start with, create a team of at least 8 people. Though it depends on your company employees’ number or capacity. But even if you don’t have a team yet.

You need to develop a systemized process that aids you in starting content and getting it published. If you already have team assign tasks to them based on their skill-set. Let’s review some major key roles positions you might need to build to attain maximum height:

  • Project Manager
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Content analyzer/reviewer
  • Publisher
  • Visual designer (Photos, Videos, Diagrams, Infographics, & Graphs).

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