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Facebook Carousel Mockup | Carousel Ad Mockup | Download

Facebook Carousel Mockup – Every advertiser would love to see a preview of what the ad they are about to publish will look like before it goes live.

You wouldn’t want to spend your time creating an ad and at the end of the day, the ad copy won’t portray the looks your customers always want to see.

Facebook Carousel Mockup

A mockup is an ad prototype designer, marketing agencies, freelancers, developers use to see how their ad contents will look after it been published.

It’s a prior display of whatever content you want to create before the creation process is initiated.

Facebook carousel ad mockup comes in handy when your clients need to see how the result of what the about-to create content looks like without the consultation of a professional graphic designer.

In this post, we are going to show you how the Facebook carousel ad mockup looks like and its elements.

Some of them will come as a simple version of Facebook desktop UI. Most of this mockup build that woah layout that Is ready for your content to be put in.

This article will help you get Facebook carousel ad examples. Another area you will be getting to meet in the cause of this work is the Facebook carousel image size. Come to know Facebook carousel ad size, Facebook carousel specs

We will give you Facebook carousel mockup PSD examples that will help you understand what we are talking about.

Facebook Carousel Examples

Most of the carousel out there comes with features like

  • All elements can be edited
  • Simple layers-structure with Smart Objects
  • Insert images/ s-generate assets – done!

Facebook Carousel Mockup

A carousel ad mockup helps you take a glance at what your carousel ad post, images or videos will be displayed after you hit the publish button.

give your audience the feel before the real deal and keep them imagining until the real deal is published.

Download a full size and smart Facebook carousel mockup here.

Elements of a Carousel Ad

There are about 6 elements that can be found in the Carousel ad. And each of them has a specific role it plays to bring a good user experience, engagement, and conversion.

  1. Headline: this bears the title of your ad, and it determines who relates to your ad when they see it.
  2. Text: the text is used for product description or to pass a message across to your audience.
  3. Link/call to action button: this is where you decide what your views do after they have seen your ad. The link or CTA allows them to take actions such as sign up, shop now, contact us, download, apply now, get offers, etc.
  4. Card: the number of image/videos used are calculated in cards.
  5. Image/Video: image/video is used to enhance users’ experience, infant image/video is the major element in a carousel ad. A single carousel Ad can contain up to 10 images or videos. Which is why many e-commerce, advertisers and business go for it more than regular ad format.
  6. Description: This is made up of the different product descriptions depending on how many products you are showcasing with your ad. An easy product image or video bears a particular description.

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