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Facebook Page Management Service | A Guide To Facebook Page Management & Service

As startups and medium businesses with one Facebook page, you don’t need to employ a Facebook management service team or agency to run your Facebook business page for you. You can do it yourself or your team. We can help show you the basic knowledge you and your team need to slide up your business growth. By the effective management of your Facebook business page.

Facebook Page Management Service

How Do I Manage a Facebook Page?

This post will introduce you to various Facebook page tools, settings, and features that will help you manage your Facebook page. You might need to visit our previous post on how to “effectively manage a Facebook page” to learn more.

For startups and medium-size businesses, I would encourage you to employ Facebook Page Management Service because it will increase your reach, boost your sales and bring about high ROI.

Page Publishing Tools

One of the features of the page you need to get familiar with is the publishing feature. The publishing feature helps you to create and save a post for future use, publish posts instantly and schedule for future publication.

Content Format to Publish

There different content or posts that you can publish on your Facebook page.

You can create status posts, publish a photo, video, offers, and events.

Here is how to publish a new post on your page;

  • Navigate to the published posts section on your page
  • On the “Create new page post” popup, you will see different tabs to publish either status, photo/video, offer, event or others.
  • Choose the content format you want to publish and create it.

How to schedule a post

You can schedule a status, video, event, offer, and photo.

  • At the scheduled posts section
  • Click the “Create button”.
  • Create the posts
  • Tap the drop-down arrow button behind the publish button.
  • On the drop-down menu, you can access the schedule option, backdate and save draft.

Note; you can access analytics on the published posts section to see your posts reach, likes and comments.

Page Settings

Let’s help you take complete control of your page.

You can configure your page with your personal info starting with general, page info, post attribution, page roles, and notifications. All in the general settings section.

To start with, in the page general settings, you can set page favorites, visibility, private messaging, tagging ability, age & country restriction, and comment moderation. To change any of these settings. Navigate to the age general page and tap on the edit button.

Page Info

On the page info, you can edit to add your business profile and page about such as page name, description, category, address, Bio, web address, etc. To set up the page info, click on the edit button on any of the info you want to be edited.

Set Up Post Attribution

Here you set the posts attribution, by deciding to show that your post will either be published by your page or your personal profile. But if you run a business page allow the default setting. Attribute your post to your page. Except you have reasons to switch occasionally.

Sensor Page Notifications

Set up different notifications you would want to receive on your page and turn off the ones you don’t need. Notifications like new page mention, post comment, event subscription, post likes, etc. To set up notification you either turn them on or off. All notification will be displayed on Facebook when logged in. but you can choose either to get a notification in your mailbox or text inbox.

Facebook Management Services Pricing

Page management pricing is dependent on a bunch of factors. Though managing your Facebook page yourself or your team won’t cost that much. But when you depend on social media agency to manage your Facebook business page here are some factors that will determine how much it’s going to cost.

  • The size of your business and the number of reaches
  • Your competition
  • The current stage of your business
  • Your marketing objectives

Facebook Marketing Company: Benefits of Employing marketing Companies to manage your Page

  • Easy reach to your ideal customers
  • Marketing experts can help you create a wider reach with a low budget.
  • Help you create compelling content or posts relevant to your market niche. This is necessary especially for startups.
  • Sales Boost
  • High ROI

How to Choose a Facebook Marketing Company for Facebook Page Management Service

  • Set your goals
  • Search out the agency with years of experience
  • Look out for competence (deliverability matters)

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