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Page Management: How to Effectively Manage your Facebook Page

Effective Facebook page management is one of the requirements your business needs to grow. Managing a Facebook page is beyond creating post content and updates.

Management of a Facebook business page is the use of tools and the knowledge of features and settings that will help create an online presence for business growth.

Page Management

First, you need to know that as a Facebook page admin you can assign different roles to people you would want to make changes in your business page such a page administrator, editor, moderator, and analyst.

In this post, I am going to take you through different features and settings and tools to enhance your business page management.

Manage Page Login

If you manage several Facebook page as an administrator, moderator or editor. Here is how to login to the pages you manage.

  • Visit Facebook pages Bookmarks
  • Click login to any of the pages you want to have access to.
  • Then enter your assigned login details.

Like Other Pages and Comment on Posts Using your Page

You can like other pages, comment on posts using the Facebook page you are logged in.

  • Go to pages bookmark
  • Click log in
  • Add favorite pages by selecting the wheel icon.

Page Management Tools – Access Facebook Page Features and Settings

  • Log in as your page or personal profile
  • At the page top, access the main features of your page like page notifications, insights, settings and publishing tools.

How to Allow Users to Send Private Messages to your Page

  • Navigate to the page general setting
  • Enable messages

How to Create a Template for Common Replies

One of the Facebook super page features is the fact that you can save replies to respond to private messages.

  • When you are on your private messages
  • Click on create a new reply
  • Key in your common response and save them.

Note: you can add as many replies as you want and can choose to hide it anytime.

Track New User Engagement with your Page

The notification feature or panel gives you the sum of your User’s recent activities such as contact and address request, page mentions, and page posts shares.

  • Go to your notification
  • Beneath your notification is the user’s request and activity.
  • Check for recent request(phone number and address request) and activities (page mentions and page posts shares)

Keep Track of Page Reach, Engagement and Facebook Fan page

With Insights you can track your page growth, audience reach, and engagement.

The insights Features shows you;

  • The posts that attracted the highest user engagement
  • If the reached audiences are really your potential customers or target users.
  • Explore your page visits and know-how your visitors learned about your page.
  • Use also the like tab to see new and total page likes.

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