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Social Media Metrics | 5 Key Performance Indicators to Measure your Social Media Business Goal

If you’ve been an ardent user of social media and looking for ways to measure your success, to know if your time and effort invested in publishing campaigns are worth it. Check out this Social Media Metrics (KPI).

What is Social Media Metrics?

Social Media Metrics is a marketing tool used to measure the ROI or the impact of social media marketing activities.

Social Media Metrics

This post talks about five ways to measure your Brand Awareness campaign goal.

Social Media Metrics: Brand Awareness Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

There are several key performance indicators to measure your brand awareness marketing goal/objective. Below are five major key indicators to measure brand awareness goal/objective.

  • Keep Track of your Followers

It is ideally advised that you keep track of your fans and followers who come to your page. This shows the number of persons who have taken a keen interest in the contents you are sharing/ posting. You keep this up and it attracts more likes and followers to your page

  • Keep Track of Increased Engagement Time

By knowing how many people are participating, how often are they participating, and in what forms are they participating? How long they spend on the site, the number of likes, and retweets? This would enable you to know when to post and the right time to post. As it would tailor your needs to that of your audience and you’ll know the content they are much interested in. Hence, you increase the quality of the content and the time

  • Track your Mentions & Tags

Your audience and followers are out there talking about you on other forums and they might tag you or mention your page in such conversation. It’s important that you keep track of all this so that you can be apprised of how well you are performing on such a social media platform. Some social media like Facebook and Instagram would give you a notification when you are being tagged or mentioned somewhere.

  • Track URL Shares & Click Rates

If your aim at driving traffic to your site then it’s important you track the number of URL shares and click rates conversion. As they help you understand the reasons your followers engage with you and why they are doing so. If people are moving through your social media page and the places where your page URL is being shared. It gives relevance to your post.

  • Keep Track of User-generated Content

To measure the performance of your ad campaign. You need to pay attention to the amount of user-generated content your ad or post has piled up. Social media users are able to provide key eye witness content and information that may otherwise have been inaccessible.

Due to new media and technology affordances, such as low cost and low barriers to entry, the Internet is an easy platform to create and dispense user-generated content, allowing the dissemination of information at a rapid pace in the wake of an event taking place.

However, UGC is not solely limited. Your followers will always give a review of their experience with your post or ad campaign. Your duty is to analyze those reviews and use it to measure the success of your campaign and the impact it has made on your audience.