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Facebook Page Reach | 9 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page Reach

This post will help you improve your Facebook page reach. Fortunately, it’s also working on post reach.

Apply the tips and see more page posts and personal posts shown to a lot more fans. Especially if you have noticed a drastic decrease in your organic reach.

Facebook Page Reach

How to maintain and improve your Facebook page Reach

Step #1: Posting relevant and epic content – posting epic content curated by you or others are great ways to encourage engagement – which translates to more reach, also try to post when your fans are active online.

Because as more people bombard the news feed with posts the old post visibility gets lowered by Facebook.

Step #2: Post more often – posting more often and at different times of day are your best techniques to increase your total page reach. As well as increase your social presence – thereby building brand awareness.

For instance, Pages that post at minimum three times a day get very large pages to reach more brand awareness than pages that only post once a day or a week. Like it or not – posting frequently affects your post and page reach.

That said – it doesn’t mean you should post anything that goes. Though creating evergreen content seems hard. Here is how to go about curating great content… The perfect approach to follow.

Why curation? Because it’s the cheapest content creation approach that delivers high-quality content that people are willing to share and engage with.

Seven Approach to Content Curation

First Approach: get authorities in your field to create great content for you.

Second approach: use the right curation tool to see when good content in your industry is producing and be the first to share it. right curation tools 

Approach three:  share events content like attending or speaking at a conference or even appearing on a TV or radio show.

Approach Four: share special event – Sharing your special events gets your brand in front of fans and keeps them engaged with the trending.

Approach Five: Share short nuggets. As well as long blog articles. That way you mix things up, so your readers get valuable information quickly as well as in-depth knowledge.

Approach six: share fun fact or an expert opinion

Approach Seven: Post question about the latest news in your industry. When you find an interesting article that’s relevant to your niche, just hit Share and add a small introduction. This kind of content is super-easy to create and sustains brand awareness.

Pro Tips: share your evergreen content! Once a week, plan to re-share your best and most costly pieces of content to get them in front of new fans.

Don’t waste your evergreen content; it deserves to be shared again and again.

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