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Facebook Page Mockup | Facebook Page Review & Page Mockup Download

Facebook Page Mockup – Facebook is a website that allows users to interact and collaborate within a pre-defined virtual community. Often termed a social networking site, Facebook is an online communication tool allowing users to construct a public or private profile in order to connect and interact with people who are part of their extended social network.

Facebook Page Mockup

Companies are using Facebook page for a variety of purposes but the focus seems to be more on trying to develop relationships with consumers rather than simply providing information.

The Facebook pages have a different look and feel than the typical website. The tabs used on the official pages provide the consumer with information as the tabs on websites do but they seemed more aimed at encouraging a consumer to interact.

On most official pages companies seem to control the wall content rather than allowing users to post directly on their walls without responding to a current posting.

Companies post on average 24 times within a month which implies that consumers receive a message in their news feeds from companies that they like every few days.

Companies need to be conscious of not bombarding users with messages. The type of posting varies.

Some postings are product-related and may either provide product information or ask users to talk about their experience with the product or vote on how they use the product or select their favorite aspects of the products.

Fashion companies tended to have postings that showed celebrities using their products at prestigious events such as movie premieres and award shows.

Several companies have significantly large numbers of users who “like” them which suggests that the brand is popular but the sheer number of likes does not definitively measure sales figures or purchase intentions.

The like button seems most suited to determining the success of sales promotions such as contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways as

Facebook Page Mockup

Page mockup displays the different page segments, and features and how your work will appear when viewed by Facebook users.

The page mockup comes in handy for advertisers or agencies that want to show client business ideas as well as their proposal.

It can be used to gain creative dominance on your Facebook campaign.

Elements of a page

Facebook allows you to update or edit most of the elements on your Facebook page and customize it to a more personalized form.

Quickly am going to list some elements of Facebook page mockup and share a link where you can download a smart and work feel Facebook page mockup.

  • Cover page picture
  • Profile picture
  • Post
  • Status update
  • Community
  • About
  • People
  • Likes
  • Comment
  • Notification
  • Follow

Download the Facebook page mockup here.

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