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Social Network Sites | Why Social Media is Important for Business Growth

Social Network Sites – Approaches to advertising have changed dramatically over the past 50 years, from Newspapers to Mass media via Radio and Cinema, from Television sets to internet and e-mail. Now the next target is in sight- Social Networking.

With advances in technology, consumers are now in control of the media message they want to become exposed to.

They have the option of watching TV programmes without having to view advertisements, they can listen to the radio without having to hear the advertisements, they can alter their mailboxes so that SPAM mail goes directly to their junk folder and they can minimize advert pop-ups when surfing online.

Marketers are being forced to consider another form of marketing that would reach target customers in a new way.

Advertising is growing and with technology changing there are now more ways than ever to market products and business. However, it is the ‘people’ who now want control and they have the ‘acute editing skills’ to watch and be exposed to whatever messages they want.

Social network sites in general, now account for four out of every five ads people view online. As the top social media sites can deliver high reach and frequency against target segments at a low cost, it appears that some advertisers are eager to use social network sites as a new advertising delivery vehicle.

Uses of Social Media Networking Sites

  • A social networking site can be used to gain new customers.
  • Keep in touch with current customers.
  • Promote new products, sales/offers, and events.

It was only a matter of time before business associates woke up to the possibilities that lie beneath Social media networking sites.

It seems obvious that they would want to promote their brands to an audience that is continuously growing at such a healthy rate.

Scale Up your Business with Social Media Network Sites

There are many different features on each Social media networking sites that companies or brand can employ to promote their business.

As a brand, you can post links, videos, pictures, fan pages, groups and even ads on some social media networking sites.

Businesses can create generic pages just like standard user pages. Once the page is created ‘friends’ can be added in the hope they gather more friends via ‘word of mouth’ promotion. Once the initial network of friends is exhausted, events can be created and other friends invited.

Social media networking sites are continually growing and new ones are launched every year.

These social media sites show more and more possibilities through the various Facilities it promotes.

With an undreamt million and even billion members and a more regularly visited sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn etc. Guarantees more than friend requests, but also acts as an excellent marketing tool for businesses.

What Social Networking is, and its Benefits

Social networking is defined as developing a social network and relationships based on similar interests and views.

Over the past few years as social networks have been developed for a number of reasons and are accessed by many different types of people.

The main aspect of social networking is that it gives the user the option to socialize without leaving their home.

Secondly, it gives people the opportunity to communicate with other individuals all around the world that have similar interests.

When the internet became more commercially viable and accessible to everyone, of course, there was the option of chat rooms and chat systems.

That’s when social media networking sites like facebook, google+, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. started gaining popularity.

Businesses that are digitally wise pushed up their business to be seen by the growing online communities created by these social media Apps or sites and their business scaled to a whole new level of growth.

Is your business gaining online momentum?

If yes, are you doing it the right way and on the right social platform designed for your market niche?

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