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Facebook Ad Tips | 9 Tips to Increase your Ads ROI (Revenue Booster)

This post unveils 9 Facebook Ad tips that will boost your Facebook Ad campaign.

It will help you through the “audience to reach” frustrations a lot of new advertisers undergo.

Facebook Ad Tips

Facebook Ad tips | 9 Ad Tips to Increase your Audience Reach

Tip #1: Set a goal; what is your campaign aim? Is it page likes, brand awareness, or traffic to a buying land page?

Defining your objectives will help you come up with tip number 2.

Tip #2: What do you want to achieve with your Post? Make it clear and straight on point, don’t waste the viewer’s time.

Tip #3: Experiment with Target audience; If you are new to Facebook advertising, then you should adapt to try an error method especially if you are a newbie in using audience insight to gather the right audience data who are likely your potential customers.

You can test using different demographics, such as age, location, relationship status, and interests at a time by segmenting them to see which audience responds better to your ad.

Tip #4: Experiment Experiment & Experiment; here you need to prove your success yourself, they’re a lot of “know-how to run” ad content out there, but if you must record a substantial success in your niche, you must learn by experience what works and what doesn’t.

It’s a rule in the marketing world, that before you can gain money, you must have lost money.

Test several promoted posts, post content, audiences, and Ads durations. Use the performance index you get to be more effective and as well as compete with other competitors in your niche.

Remember, few customers with hundreds of marketers seeking their attention. Except you have a large audience. Whichever, you need to master your audience and what works in your niche.

Tip #5: Target Precise Audience; don’t reach audiences with all demographics, use the segmented audience in Tip #3 and keep narrowing them down until you have a specific target audience.

Tip #6: Don’t run one ad or a boosted post for a long time; always keep launching a new ad with new images and text, and takedown old boosted post or ad because the longer your ad last the more it declines.

Always measure your results and optimize them. I will recommend one week; run fresh ads every week to stay fresh.

Tip #7: Experiment Different Ad Creative; test your videos, images, and text to see which performs best.

Tip #8: Target Lookalike Audiences; target new people who look like you’re existing customers. Target by page likes or by uploading a customer list or contact you’ve built.

Tip #9: Target by Locality; maybe your business is situated at a spot you can target audience around that spot.

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