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3 Tactics to Increase Domain Authority by 50% (Google Super Rank Factor)

What number is your domain authority – 10, 20, 50, or 99?

Arguably Domain authority is a super Google ranking factor. The gist is – the higher your domain authority the easier ranking on Google top pages becomes.

Maybe you’re looking for ways to hack growth your domain authority or you are tired of writing fresh and less competitive keywords with low or no commercial intent.

Reason being that – the big guys in your niche has seized or dominated Google top pages for high searched and commercial intent keywords.

I have good news for you…….

The good news is – you can increase your domain authority in a short while and compete with the big guys.

Domain Authority

3 Tactics to Increase Domain Authority by 50% (Google Super Rank Factor)

But before I show you tactics that would increase the authority of your domain. Let me quickly show you the 4 major determinant factors behind domain authority increase.

4 major elements that contribute to Domain Authority Boost/Increase

  • Backlinks
  • Social shares
  • Traffic or number of site visitors
  • Years of existence (how old your domain is)

Now you are conversant with factors that determine domain authority increase.

So the growth of your site authority depends on you. But before I hand over the game to you.

Here are 3 tactics to increase the authority of your domain:

  1. Be Practical with Content/blog posts
  2. Co-create content
  3. Create a brand not a blog

Yes, you have the list, but it makes no sense without illustrations.

It’s good to know that the above three listed tactics will help to gain the four major domains to increase determining factors such as backlinks, social shares, traffic.

Let’s take them one after the other……..

Be Practical with Content/Blog Posts

The first thing you should know is that as your authority in your chosen industry/niche grows so also with domain authority.

But before then, write or publish content with case studies, statistical data, surveys, and research.


See, as a newbie in your industry, no one cares about your opinion or what you think.

Because people look forward to a proven experience that will help solve their problem.

That way, you’re first 1000 fans or readers will start piling up. Because you offer proven knowledge.

I don’t mean – you should go and copy people’s content and publish it on your site.

What I say is – while creating content use more of case studies and data-driven guides and procedures that are result proven.


  • Focus on creating more case study post, interview authorities, seek for success stories, and proven guides that others applied, and it worked for them.
  • Give more than what your competitors have offered– check for a post that contains “LIST of THINGS” and increase the list.

With the above tactics, your site will pile up tons of traffic that keep coming back again and again.

Co-Create Content

Partnering with other bloggers in your niche to co-create content will not only boost your traffic. It will also bring about more social shares.

You can co-create an infographic, a text post, or a video.

How does that lead to more social shares and backlinks?

You have an audience so also do your co-creator or partner.

If you both promote that content. Not only will your partner audience view it so also your audience.

Create a Brand not a Blog

The majority of bloggers out there focus on creating blogs with a lot of blog posts.

The bad news is that SEO is no longer a quantity game but a quality game.

Quality makes you credible.

The more your blog name is searched on Google the more your ranking increases. That way enough traffic will be sent to your site through Google.

But first, you need to get your name out there where people can see you. The ROI will be tons of links and traffic.


To get your name out there and increase visibility. Leverage guest posting, speaking and organizing local and a national conference. Even roundup posts can go a long way.