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Backlinks Made Easy: 21 Link Building Tactics | Backlinks Made Easy

This post contains 21 link building techniques, tactics, and tips. For a beginner, average and SEO expert. Backlinks are a major SEO ranking factor.

It major on tactics that will help you build relevant backlinks for search engine optimization.

Give your site traffic and rank boost by applying these proven tactics from SEO experts.


21 Link Building Tactics | The Concise List (Backlinks Made Easy)

Known Experts in the digital marketing world such as Brian Dean, Nail Petal.

Here are 21 ways to build backlinks to your site

The list starts here:

  1. Crowd-funding

Though this is a way to generate paid links. Which google labels as spam and can get you penalized.

But you can use look for related crowdfunding sites and see how you can contribute to their projects. That way they will request your profile including your website URL to add to their thank you page.

  1. Also, Discount Promotion

Get mentions (including your site link) from websites that offer discounts.

  1. Next, Non-Profit Donation

Donate to a non-profit organization and get listed on their donor’s page. With your site URL.

Though Google recently classified donor links as paid links. Because it’s the most used backlinks building tactics.

  1. Request Links from people you mention in your blog post

When you mention or link to an expert or an authority in your niche, email them requesting for a link back.

  1. Emailing

Send at least 200 emails every day to other related bloggers or sites. With an email signature that bears a link back to relevant webpages will yield at least 50 -100 backlinks in a month.

It’s natural and cost-free.

  1. Event Mining

Host a local event that will gather people in your niche. With an impactful experience. That way you can generate tons of backlinks.

  1. Content Editing and Correction

Yes, this is not a big fish to link building, but it works.

You can look for spelling and grammar mistakes in related blogs in your niche and help fix it.

It can be through commenting on the post or sending a private email. Though is not always result yielding.

But do it consistently and request links. In most cases, you will get one link out of 3 people you have helped fix their grammar and spelling issues.

  1. Guest Blogging

Many don’t consider guest blogging any more than a backlink generator.

Reason being that bloggers don’t pay attention to the guest post request. And Google has depreciated the relevance of links from guest posts. More on Guest blogging.

However, you can still build quality links through guest blogging.

  1. Reach out to fresh Graduates

Some school websites bear a section that is dedicated to recent graduate jobs enlightenment.

If so, reach out to them with an email requesting a link. It takes just a call or an email the graduate to get a link.

  1. External Linking

Link out to post that gives your content more thorough information. That way you will build a relationship. And in turn, send an email requesting a link back to a post that as well gives depth to their own content.

  1. Request a Link from the shopping Mall Site

This works well, especially if your content explains the product they sell or info that shows how to use their product.

That way you can ask for a link back to your posts.

  1. Create more List Content/Post

Publishing list content resonates with people.

And by study people link to a list post more than any other content.

  1. Also, Mention People in your content/blog post

When you mention people on your post and link to them. You end up boosting their credibility.

And most times they would love to show their readers other sites they have received mention.

That singular reason makes it easy to link back to you or that post.

  1. Take advantage of Local Listing Sites

There are thousands of local listing sites out there you can leverage. Use it to build quality backlinks. All you need is to submit your site.

  1. Site Topical Directories

There are niche directories that accept a website that focuses on a specific topic. If your site is niche centered then leverage niche directories site.

  1. Next, Offline Ad

Showcasing what you do with your site URL at strategic places can increase brand awareness and as well gain quality backlinks.

  1. Retailers pages

For e-commerce websites that sell products. Create a manufacturer site of the product you sell.

Ask the manufacturers and suppliers to add you to their retailer’s page list.

Other Link Building tactics are:

  1. Also, Paid directories Listing
  2. Send personalized emails to people from your contact forms
  3. Also, Give people a printable copy of your valuable posts (PDFs, DOC). That way people will share your URL for downloads.
  4. Lastly, Profile Links–any related or niche platform you sign up in, add your blog link.