Outlook Account Sign Up | How to Sign Up Outlook

Your desires for web services are taken care of on Outlook.com . It provides every web services you need with several features and support of Internet explorer. Outlook account sign up is all you need to start enjoying these unique web services. Just follow the steps below to sign up on Outlook;

Outlook Account Sign Up


How to Sign Up Outlook Account

  • Open the outlook website at www.outlook.com.
  • This will take you to Outlook Account Sign Up
  • Hold on for the new page to load, once its fully loaded, click on the “ create free Account “ widget.
  • Enter your  email address such that no one else has already
  • Select @outlook.com to change the domain name
  • Enter your desired password, the password must be 8 characters, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, Numbers, and symbols
  • Check the little box if you want to receive promotional emails from Microsoft
  • Next, enter your first and last name in the boxes displayed
  • Enter the details of your region and birthday, this includes country /region, birth month, date of birth, birth year
  • Confirm you’re not a robot and submit.


Outlook Account Sign Up Features

Outlook.com like every other webmail services, has several features such as; Ajax program and support of internet explorer, Firefox, safari, and Google chrome.

  • Keyboard – this control the navigation ability around about without using mouse. The ability to search  the users massages including structured query syntax such as from ebay, message filters folder-based organization massages, auto- completion of contract addresses when composite goods, contact grouping, importing and exploring of contacts as CV files, rich text formatting, rich text signatures, spam filtering grand virus scanning G, support for multiple addresses and different language versions.
  • Security and privacy – outlook does not scan emails or attachments for advertising information and personal conversations are ad-free entirely
  • Active view – outlook.com active view allows users to interact directly with contents and functionality within their email massage.
  • Calendar – features a similar interface to desktop calendar applications such as Windows calendar.
  • Peoples – it providers users with access to their contacts profiles and information, a owing them to share different Info with different groups of people.
  • Task – it is a task management components of outlook introduced during the transition to the Office 365 based infrastructure.
  • Office Online Integration – This allows viewing groups and editing of Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint documents that are attached to the email massages.
  • Skype integration – this enables users to make a Skype video call within outlook.com
  • Sweep- this allow users to delete or move large numbers of emails into specific folders based on the sender’s information.
  • Quick view and one-click filters – this allows users to filter all emails (in folders) by document attached, photos attachments, flagged messages, or shipping updates
  • Aliases – users can create an additional, unique email addresses, called aliases, for the Microsoft account.

Outlook Account Sign Up Offers

  • Improved connectivity – Microsoft Outlook is connected to mobile phone that users can easily acces, read other your emails, edit your calendar and take note without use computer.
  • Well organizations – outlook allows users to send and resend emails. It also allows you to sync your email directly into your calendar or your contact list.
  • Easy Connection with others – outlook Calendar allows you to share your calendar with anyone that you choose. You can even create, edit and manage an online calendar for any of your important clients to access at their convenience
  • Ignore Conversations
  • Mail tips
  • Scheduling meeting rooms
  • Rich contact information
  • Flags, changing importance of email
  • Multiple ways to find email.


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