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Microsoft Dynamics | MS Dynamics Products, Features, Pricing & Login

Microsoft Dynamics | Know More about MS Dynamics Products, Pricing, Features & Login

It’s a bit of a challenge to decide what you want or don’t want to use if you don’t exactly know what it is. Microsoft Dynamics isn’t a single tool but consists of six (6) different platforms: MS Dynamics AX, MS Dynamics GP, MS Dynamics NAV, SharePoint, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365. But let’s start with what Microsoft Dynamic is.

Microsoft Dynamics

What is Microsoft Dynamics?

Microsoft Dynamics is a combination of integrated customer relationship management (CRM) tools and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software applications. The applications are delivered via. a network of reselling partners who offer expert services.

Depending on your preference and needs, it’s important to find the right fit. So, aside from the information, I provided above, doing a bit more research through review sites and the actual MS Dynamics official community forum can as well help in figuring the best solution for your company or business.

Products and Benefit of MS Dynamics

The products of Microsoft Dynamics are MS Dynamics ERP and MS Dynamics CRM. MS Dynamics ERP is a line of enterprise resource planning that is developed to benefit small organizations and divisions of large organizations. It comprises of 4 core products which are:

• Microsoft Dynamics AX
• Microsoft Dynamics GP
• Microsoft Dynamics NAV
• Microsoft Dynamics SL

Though the most “popular” MS Dynamics product is unclear. As stated above MS Dynamics is a product line that includes Microsoft CRM, MS Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics SL, MS Dynamics GP, MS Dynamics NAV, etc. From the Microsoft perspective, Microsoft CRM 2011 is an incredible opportunity for them to gain greater traction in the Enterprise business space with their XRM strategy.

At the high end of their ERP products, MS Dynamics AX receives a significantly greater amount of their R&D budget, and this is their most strategic product going forward to address the requirements of the mid-market and enterprise-level companies. MS Dynamics SL is strategically focused on Project-Based companies.

But when you reflect upon the “most popular,” Dynamics NAV has the most global customers in terms of sheer numbers with Dynamics GP accounting for the most US-based customers. Each of the Dynamics products has a clear market segment and strategy and is ultimately the “most popular” amongst peers in their segment. It might help if I share some basic info on each one.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, and NAV – are all ERP tools. The one with the most functionality is AX. They’re ERPs used in different industries and by businesses of different sizes.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365- this used to be known as Microsoft CRM but then they’ve rolled out a CRM and ERP software solution and rebranded it as Microsoft 365.
  • Sharepoint – This is mainly used for secure collaboration. It fully integrates with Microsoft office.
  • Microsoft Azure – This is similar to the Google Cloud Platform. It’s useful for individuals and organizations that are interested in developing their own applications or hosting their own services.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This is a customer relationship management software application developed by Microsoft that offers service, sales, and marketing capabilities to organizations. It is known as on-premises software, MS Dynamics CRM Online is a software offering services. The latest update of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013.

Pros of MS Dynamics CRM Software

  • Microsoft is on-premises and in the cloud — a selling point over the leading CRM provider, Salesforce, which is cloud-only.
  • Microsoft claims a familiar, intuitive user interface that can be accessed from Microsoft Outlook, from within Outlook or any Internet connection.
  • Microsoft claims tight integration with Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft
  • CRM information is centralized and then exploited by Microsoft to manage customer information, email messaging and calendar scheduling.
  • Dynamics features can be tailored to specific organizational business processes.
  • Microsoft workflow automation streamlines business processes and eliminates time-consuming tasks, often by reducing the number of clicks to create or manage customer account records.

Cons of MS Dynamics CRM software

  • Because Dynamicswasn’t born in the cloud, it’s playing catch-up on its Dynamics CRM Online version. Functionality such as social CRM and mobile require more updating.
  • Microsoft was slow to not only the cloud but also to developing partnerships and deep integrations with other offerings. Competitors like Salesforce have paved this road and are ahead of the pack.
  • While MS Dynamics is tightly integrated with Microsoft offerings, integrating with other sites and applications may be problematic. CRM often interacts with several back-office applications, including ERP, financial applications, HR apps, content management and file-sharing apps, and so forth.
  • Not all companies use Microsoft products, so a familiar interface may not be a selling point.
  • Microsoft’ssystem is sophisticated enough to be daunting for small and medium-sized companies without IT departments or experience with CRM configuration.

Picking up technology developed by Microsoft means that organizations can benefit a lot from it offering you flexibility. Microsoft Dynamics CRM aids you bring stable and quantifiable improvement in routine business processes. Benefits of MS Dynamics CRM to marketing professionals are:

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Campaign development and execution
  3. Data extraction and cleansing
  4. Analytics and reporting
  5. Marketing/sales teamwork tools
  6. Data sharing portals.

Also, it helps improve the process of revenue generation and offer more value to the customers by responding faster. However, Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions also offer a pool of benefits-

1. Accessible technology that helps in future investment
2. Prevailing infrastructure investment—” no rip and replace”
3. Reduced TCO investment with a unique integration
4. Lower IT knowledge needs help to minimize risk
5. Single software application and network dedicated to great customer success

To build up the skills and knowledge, professionals opt for MS Dynamics training Noida. The training offers comprehensive insights into the Microsoft Dynamics products and also incorporates the skills required to help businesses mechanize and restructure financial, relationship with the customer, along with processes related to supply chain.

Also, the training comprises of Microsoft dynamics GP certification and other certification of other products. With hands-on experience with the software applications, the candidate is made to work on his concepts with regularly testing him on the skills. No matter, if you are new to Microsoft Dynamics or an experienced professional, the training offers quick revision helping you enhance your knowledge and skills.

MS Dynamics GP

MS Dynamics GP is easy to deploy and configure, and with its modular approach, you can license only the functions you currently need, with the option of adding users and additional capabilities in the future. The solution also provides you with ways to build more rewarding relationships with your key stakeholders, customers, and partners. The extensive reporting and collaborative capabilities in MS Dynamics GP give you the information you need to make cognizant business decisions.

Microsoft Dynamics Pricing

MS Dynamics CRM cost depends on the number of users and deployment on-premise or a cloud.  Basic elements of MS dynamics CRM on-premise product estimate are:

  1. The professional server of dynamics CRM: $5000
  2. Professional  user (full access): $1000 per user
  3. Basic user (access through outlook): $500 per user
  4. Essential user (basic function for marketing activities) : $100 per user

NOTE: On the cloud, the price is $65 per month per user basis.

Microsoft Dynamics Login

To sign in onto your MS Dynamics account with your login details visit the official MS Dynamics home page and tap sign in at the top right of the home page and enter your MS Dynamics account details and sign in.

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